New Merchants for February

Read about all the new merchants in the AvantLink network for the month of February below!

SALTVERK flaky sea salt is a unique, crunchy, pure sea salt from the remote Westfjords of Iceland. We hand harvest our salt using an artisanal, sustainable and environmentally friendly method dating from the 17th century. 10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Revel Rider is among the few when it comes to female focused mountain bike apparel. It is all too often a ‘shrink it and pink it’ kind of world out there for women mountain bikers but Revel Rider puts women first. We consider all designs from a women’s perspective and our female team is committed to creating comfortable, technical gear that performs. 8% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

4D is premium energy and so much more. By putting 6 big benefits into one product we essentially are an entire supplement line in one. This brings our customers maximum health while taking out the complexity and cost of supplements overall. 15% commission • 90 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

PCA SKIN® has been and continues to be a trusted innovator in the development of highly effective professional treatments and daily care products. Our vision is to improve people’s lives by providing results-oriented skin care solutions that are backed by science for the health of your unique skin. 10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

The Ready Project team is passionate about our partnerships. Our approach to affiliate marketing is very simple – we seek to create value for you and your members! We’ve created general offers and program terms, but we recognize your users are unique. At Ready Project we feel strongly about delivering the tools you need to be successful and don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to affiliate marketing. We strive to personalize our program and partnerships, so let us know what you need to be successful. We hope to co-develop unique, custom and exclusive offerings. 5% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Sole machines are endorsed by experts and backed by warranties with national field support. 8% commission • 60 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

It’s your chance to explore the weird at this one-stop for family fun in Surfers Paradise, Australia! Venturing through themed galleries, adults and children alike will become immersed in artifacts, incredible art, animal oddities, pop-culture memorabilia, interactive games, and stories of people and places that are incredibly hard to believe but undeniably true. 10% commission • 45 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

SlingFin’s goal is to make the best shelters in the world. We’re focused on making high-end, technical products for experienced users who depend on their tents in places where a failure would be dangerous or even life-threatening. 5% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

ScentLok Technologies, headquartered in Muskegon, MI, USA, is a leading worldwide designer, and distributor of performance, hunting and casual odor-controlling apparel, footwear and equipment. Founded in 1992 on scientific principles, ScentLok is the only company with access to all scent-controlling technologies including their patented activated carbon technology, which is consistently proven to outperform other technologies tested. ScentLok is a subsidiary of Nexus Outdoors, which also markets and distributes OZ®. 3% commission • 7 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

KIT LENDER is the world’s premier outdoor equipment and apparel rental service. With KIT LENDER’s simple website and shipping & returns process, you get the right rental gear at the right price, without any of the headaches. Winter Snow rentals include insulated jackets, pants, gloves, goggles, snow boots, and more, in various styles, from all the top brands. 7% commission • 90 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Blocker Outdoors, LLC has been outfitting the hunter since 1998 and has continuously strived to be the leading worldwide designer, marketer and distributor of performance, hunting & casual odor-controlling apparel, equipment & accessories. Our employees continually use all our products and are out in the woods for the same reasons you are, enjoying our infield experiences and our overall hunting success. 3% commission • 7 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

We draw inspiration from the mountain life we are immersed in every day, whether it’s on the slopes, or floating down the mighty Yampa River. Our commitment has always been to develop the very best outdoor products in order to inspire a love and appreciation for the mountains. 10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Ride1UP was founded in 2018 after building our own electric bikes by hand. We realized one important thing; electric bikes are life-changing. They offer an unrivaled level of independence and efficiency. So why did we start to sell our own? Sleek, fast, and affordable quality simply wasn’t available. Removing price as the barrier to entry, we strive to empower more people to commute by bike and live a better, more enriched life. 5% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Kettlebell Kings is a global leader in creating high quality kettlebells and workout equipment. In business since 2013, we have over 4,000 five star reviews on our website recognizing our products for quality and service. 5% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

With a wide variety of board and technical fishing shorts, UV sun-protection products, foul weather gear, high-performance polarized optics, footwear, and women-specific fishing active wear, PELAGIC has you covered from head to toe. 8% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Honu was born in 2001 among the curling waves of Bondi Beach. As the brand has evolved, we continue to embrace Bondi’s bohemian roots which guide our choice of products, design and lifestyle imagery. 6% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Backcountry Fuel Box is a new outdoor brand that is growing like crazy. This is the subscription box that outdoors adventures love getting. Who doesn’t love getting a box full of awesome snacks? $10 commission • 45 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Located in Portland Oregon, Nomadica Runner Outfitters is the North American distributor of KOVEA camping and overland gear. We also carry a wide range of premier vehicle-based adventure gear from roof racks and roof top tents to recovery gear from other manufacturers. 7% commission • 60 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

We Created UltraPureLife For A Reason. Proper nutrition isn’t simply eating the right food. It’s about eating food from quality organic sources. We believe you should expect the same from your nutritional supplements. We believe you have a fundamental right to total transparency in every product and ingredient. 10% commission • 60 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Our customers say three things most often about eShakti: they feel confident in clothes made to their size, height, and style, they get a lot of compliments and they feel feminine! When you buy new clothes, you expect them to make you look your best. But if the size, height or styling does not suit you, that hope, and expectation is not met. That is the difference that eShakti makes. 8% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Motherwell Products USA, Inc was established October 31, 1994 by the existing CEO Kelly Motherwell. Kelly picked up his first Harley-Davidson FXR in 1984 when he was just 22 years old on a fly-and-ride to the Harley-Davidson factory in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and always reflects on that trip and the ride home that shaped what would become a life-long passion. 10% commission • 365 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Unbound Merino was created by three lifelong friends obsessed with travel. Along with that came the desire to save time, space, and money and our focus went to high performance, great looking, travel clothing. Our purpose is to create simple, high performance clothing that is versatile enough for any occasion. 10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Telos Snowboards have received various Editor’s Choice awards and accolades from publications such as Backcountry Magazine, Boardsportsource, Whitelines, Mountain Weekly News, and, just to name a few. 6% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

From coast to cabin, we craft clothing with a timeless look using premium fabrics, trims, and construction. With us, you’ll find pieces that are comfortable and breathable while maintaining a durability that will last you years. We go way beyond clothing. We’re an attitude, a culture, and a lifestyle. 10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!