SnapLinker, Third-Party Tool Update Release

Generating affiliate links is a painful, time consuming process – copy the url, visit the right affiliate provider website, paste the url, copy the html, repeat. With Snaplinker just press a button and you’re done.

With the new SnapLinker Updates, affiliates can:

  • – Price inclusion, now optional
  • – Scan all links on the page you are viewing by clicking on the ‘Analyze Tab’
  • – Find potential affiliate links
  • – Find out of stock products and broken links
  • – Quickly identify links on the page
  • – Download results as a CVS file
  • – Search and filter analyzed links, and more!

To see the latest version of the SnapLinker tool, you might have to restart your browser. If that doesn’t work try clearing your cache and then restart your browser.

Click here to get a comprehensive presentation of the SnapLinker updates.