10 Ways Women Emasculate Men (without even realizing it)

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emasculate menemasculate men

Women can emasculate men without even realizing it. Here are ten ways you might be emasculating men, and why it drives men away.

What does it ’emasculate men’ mean? I never heard the term until I became a dating coach. So, what exactly is it? Back in more barbaric times, emasculation meant castration, and it was used to punish men. That’s not what we’re talking about here. The Urban Dictionary describes emasculation as “…the removal of a male ego, pride, empowerment. Making a man subservient or in a ‘feminine’ role.”

Women are often unaware when they do this. They wonder why men get so angry, defensive, or shut down. A common example of emasculation is when a man is driving with his significant other. He turns left to get on the highway, and she says, “You’re going the wrong way. The back roads are faster.” She’s making him wrong and herself right, and this leads to a big fight. “But, I was just trying to help”, she says. By trying to help, she’s subconsciously trying to control him. He feels emasculated, because he now believes he can’t do anything right in her eyes. This can lead to the fracturing of many relationships.

Watch this video to learn how to stop emasculating men and create the loving relationship you want.

10 Things Women Do That Make Emasculate Men

  1. Withhold respect or kindness to motivate him to do better.
  2. Keep repeating how childish he is.
  3. Complain about his job or salary.
  4. Mistrust his ability to handle things on his own.
  5. Ask him for help, then tell him he’s doing it wrong.
  6. Nag him or boss him around.
  7. Treat him like he’s a neanderthal with no feelings.
  8. Compare him to her exes.
  9. Offer him unsolicited advice.
  10. Criticize how he spends his down time.

5 Ways to Stop Emasculating Men And Create Healthier Relationships

  1. Stop trying to control. Trust your man to figure things out HIS way.
  2. Look for the best in him. When you’re constantly criticizing his job, the way he drives, the way he does anything, he will feel defeated and shut down. When you focus on what he’s doing well, he will rise up.
  3. Don’t give unsolicited advice. Check in before advising.
  4. If you ask for help, accept how he supports you. Otherwise, he won’t offer to help again.
  5. Be direct instead of nagging. Tell him what you want and need, and then give him the space to provide.

Here’s my call to action: Identify the ways you might be unconsciously emasculating men. And then choose to take one step towards having the relationship you want.