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The world of Dating can be a minefield, but more than often, it’s a fun and rewarding experience. However, it can also be a very precarious experience, as you never know who you’re going to end up meeting, even if you might think you do.

Someone may seem normal and fun online, but can turn out to be the polar opposite when you meet them in person. Chemistry may be there online, then you find you have nothing in common or the conversation is non-existent when you’re actually sat with each other on a first date.

Dating apps are rife with toxic people. There are many false people out there and many people who pretend to be someone that they’re not.. Abusive and dangerous people can pretend to be everything their victims are looking for, only for their mask to slip as soon as they have control.

According to therapist Marisa Peer, there are six types of toxic people which you should steer clear of when looking for a relationship.

The first is a “narcissist”, who is a self-obssessed person that can’t love anybody else. They have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for excessive attention.

The second is someone who is “paranoid”. This person usually finds it hard to relax and is jealous and controlling. They usually think that everyone is against them or that their partner is cheating on them.

The third is the “controlling and jealous type”. This person won’t usually trust you and will hold you responsible for everything.

The fourth type of person to avoid is the “selfish and self-absorbed” type. Their way is always the right way and they lack empathy or emotion.

The fifth type is an “alcoholic” or in fact, anyone who has a drug or gambling addiction. This type will not love themselves and are often dishonest and will put their addiction first. Their personality will change regularly and they will have regular mood swings.

The final type of person to avoid is a person who has a “toxic relationship with an ex or with a family member”. Holding a grudge can make you bitter and can consume you. It’s likely that this person will show an inability to be accountable for their own actions. A toxic relationship in this sense could be a highly erratic one, or an unhealthy attachment.

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