Absolute News May 2021

Wow it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. Let me quickly tell you what’s up with this blog and business.

I am retired from teaching in field bootcamps. However, I am fully invested in teaching online, Skype/Zoom classes to dedicated students.

I’ve even hired a team of beautiful young women who act as assistant coaches. This program which I call the “Date Simulator” is INCREDIBLY effective for those guys who struggle with “What to say?” syndrome.

Inside these one hour classes, the student goes on a virtual date with an assistant. I watch the date with the video turned off of course, and then interject to course correct, run drills, or do demonstrations.

I will create a proper sales page in the future, but if this sounds like something that interests you, get in touch. Note, this program is not regular life/dating coaching and is a premium product with a premium price point.

I’ve raised my rates to $300 per hour for Skype calls. However you can hire me for 8 weeks, for $2k USD. I am only taking serious clients. If you’re interested in discussing coaching, contact me now @ coaching@absoluteability.com, or go here

Where is Tony D?

After spending five months in Mexico, I’ve made made my way to Guatemala. I haven’t been home in a long time.

Lockdown? What lockdown? Canada can stick their vaccines, masks and lockdowns up their maple syrup flavoured ass. I will be free, even if that means travelling to foreign countries to do so.

You can watch my adventures over on Youtube, on my channel, Tony’s Travels.

Will I continue to blog about dating? Yes. It’s my work. Doing the online coaching has invigorated me. Personally I’m not a pickup artist anymore.

But I still love helping men to become better with women, more confident, and charismatic.

I’m working on an inner game product with www.GirlsChase.com which will be out in perhaps a year.

I also have interest in a partnership. Someone who understands marketing and likes my business to profit share. If this happens, you can expect a lot more content.

Until next time… adios Amigos.