How Strong Successful Women Can Attract Their Match

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strong successful womenstrong successful women

Strong successful women struggle to find their match. Watch this video & learn how to attract a quality man without diminishing your strength.

Are you a strong, successful woman dating to find a man who’s your equal? How’s that going for you? Are you finding men who are intimidated by your strength and success? Do you feel like you have to change who you are to attract the man you’re seeking? In this video, you’ll learn why it’s hard for women like you to find love, and what you can do to improve your success in love.

How Strong Successful Women Can Attract Their Match

Strong successful women are used to making their own decisions and charting their own paths. They don’t want a man who tries to control them or suppress who they are. They don’t want a man who’s going to put a damper on their lifestyle, travel plans, bookclub, friendships, or alone time.

Here’s the truth: the right man won’t want you to diminish your successes or ask you to compromise who you are to accommodate him. He’ll be attracted to your ability to make good decisions, get things done, and create the amazing life you have. 

He is not intimidated by you. He likes that you can do it all.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner who has your back, supports you, and can join you in some of the activities you already love, like traveling, skiing, and hiking? So…why can’t you find this man who feels like a unicorn? Here are two reasons.

1. Your Beliefs Are Keeping You Stuck

  • If you believe this guy doesn’t exist, you won’t find him.
  • If you believe men are fundamentally clingy, weak, and stuck in the past, that’s what you’ll continue to find.
  • If you believe a man will take away your independence, that’s what you’ll find.

Sure, there are clingy men who want to merge their life with yours and stifle you. Those are not the right men for you. And you have to change your beliefs in order to find him. Even if you believe he’s a rare find, just believing he exists will help you continue to date until you find him. 

2. Your Attitude is Turning Off the Men You Like 

  • Do you come to dates thinking to yourself, “He’s probably going to be another boring man…” or “I’d rather be home watching Netflix”?
  • Do your first date conversations center around work and your accomplishments?
  • Do you ask surface questions on dates about topics that don’t reveal much about his character? 

Your attitude will turn men on or off. When you go into dates with a negative mindset, you will probably miss the good qualities of the man in front of you. If you ask surface questions or focus on work and accomplishments, you’ll both walk away with very little knowledge about who you are and whether there’s a true connection. A resume is attractive, but it says very little about who you are in a relationship. 

  • Change your beliefs and your attitude, and you’ll change how men show up for you.
  • Go into your dates with a positive mindset. 
  • Tell yourself, “I hope I like him”, instead of “I hope he’s not boring.” 
  • Talk to men using “I feel” in place of “I think” to deepen the conversations.
  • Share less about your accomplishments and more about how you’ve overcome difficult things in life. Speak about your passions, and he’ll share his.
  • Ask questions that help reveal who he is, not what he’s done.

This is how strong successful women attract their match! 

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