How To Get a Girl’s Phone Number

Getting a girl’s phone number isn’t difficult

You might think after blogging about dating for a decade I’d have a post titled “How to get a girl’s phone number” by now.

Wrong. I thought this was something so rudimentary that it wasn’t worth my intellectual effort.

But every day, newbies show up to read my holy scriptures. If that’s you, poor soul, looking to learn how to get a girl’s phone number, then here it is.

My ultimate post on how to get a girl’s phone number.

Let’s start with the basics.

How To Get a Girl’s Phone Number – Vocal Tonality

Imagine a little boy asking for a piece of cake:

“Mommy, can I pleeeeeaaase have a some cake?”

Can you hear the tonality? It has an upwards slant, as if asking a question. Like this: “You know what I mean? Do you know? Mommmeeee?”

You don’t ever want to sound like that when asking for her digits. “Can I have your number? Please?”

Blech. It sounds needy and desperate, like you’ve just emerged from twelve hours of playing Minecraft and on your trip to get Cheetos stumbled into a woman. Please… don’t ever sound like that.

You want to have a straight tonality, as if you’re asking your best friend for the time.

“Hey Greg, what time is it? You old son of a gun piece of shit you.” (Cause that’s how we all talk to old friends.)

Now do you have that buddy-buddy tonality in your mind? Hear it now:

“What’s your number?”

When you ask for her number, it should sound like you’re asking Greg, not a hot girl you’re super excited about.

Be normal. Just like you ask for numbers all the time. You never want to sound like you’re pleading, or begging for it. Assume she would give it to you, and ask for it the same way you’d ask Greg for another beer.

“Hey, what’s your number?”

When To Ask For Her Phone Number

Ask for her phone number on a high note

How many times have you for whatever reason, met a girl you thought was sexy, funny, alluring, and then she came and went from your life and you were like “Sheeet. I should have got her number. Oh well… back to Minecraft.”

Maybe you met her in the lineup at the grocery store, or you sat down beside her at your favourite coffee shop. You made a little small talk and then she was gone.

So when is the best time to get that girl’s phone number?

Right now. That’s when. Before she’s gone from your life, forever.

Maybe you’ve just met and you’re not sure how to ask her, and now she has to go. You liked her enough to want about seeing her again. But if you don’t have her number… you never will.

So what do you do?

Ideally, you want to ask on a high note. But really, there’s no better time than “right now.”

So you meet a sexy girl you like. How do you get her number?

You ask for it, before she’s gone!

You may have only known her for thirty seconds… still… get that number dummy! Why not try?

The Perfect Line For Getting Her Phone Number

I know, I know… you want the exact line to get her digits.

Here’s a few:

  • “We should keep in contact. What’s your number?” 
  • “That was a good chat. Let’s do it again sometime. What’s your number?” 
  • “Shoot me your number let’s chat again later.” 
  • “Do you have a phone number? Great. Give it to me. I’ll text you later.” 
  • “Do you text? Perfect. What’s your number.” 
  • Do you have one of those crazy devices you keep in your purse for communication and Internet data acquisition? Give me your number.” 

Social Media vs Phone Numbers

Social media is fine, but phone numbers are more intimate

She might not want to give you her phone number, and will instead offer her social media.

It may be:

  • Whattsapp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • WeChat
  • Signal
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Friendster

The different social media have their advantages and disadvantages. But the old fashioned phone number feels the most intimate, as it implies close friendship, or dating.

I know, I know. You don’t want to seem too much like you’re hitting on her. And you’d like to jerk off to her yolo pics. It’s still better to get a phone number first.

But if she’d rather give you her Instagram, take it. It’s better than nothing. But you risk getting lost in her sea of other followers. I’ve added girls to Instagram only to find out they have 40k subscribers. How can you get her attention through all that thirst?

Pro Tip for How To Get a Girl’s Phone Number

This is a mistake I see lots of guys make. He asks for her number, and then as she spits out her digits, he scrambles to find his phone, unlock it, close the porn tabs, open the contacts…

And by then she’s changed her mind.

Always have your phone open, ready, and in your hand when you ask for the number. That way you don’t look like such a virgin when she give you her contact.

How To Get a Girl’s Phone Number (Without Approaching Her?)

If you want a girl’s phone number you’ll probably have to approach her first

If you’re not actually looking for how to get a girl’s phone number, but rather, how to meet girls to ask for phone numbers… this is a huge difference.

What you need is some GAME, son. You need to either get that finger swiping on Bumble and Tinder, or get your fat ass out to the bar, or the street for some daygame.

How else will you meet girls? Maybe from a colleague at work, or an old high school buddy? Maybe you have an escort agency on speed dial?

The best way to meet women is by being social.

Get outside, go with friends and meet people. Or do what I do… just approach random hot women on the street and tell them you find them attractive. Then ask for their phone number.

It sounds easy, right? Except it’s not. For most men, approaching women is absolutely terrifying. They’d rather go clear landmines in Afghanistan than approach beautiful girls at the mall.

They don’t know what to say, or what to do. If that’s your case, I have a whole website full of techniques, mindsets, and female psychology to help you get the girls you want.

You could even hire me as a coach. Just contact me for a free 30 minute coaching call.


So how do you get a girl’s phone number?

You approach her, and ask for it.

“What’s your number?”

It’s really that simple.

One man’s rejection is another man’s birthday party. I mean… If you can’t take the heat, get your cock out of the oven.

Let me try again. I can’t seem get my metaphors right today.

If you don’t ask her, you’ll never know. And if you do ask her, at least she knows.

That’s all.

Good luck.