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Online dating apps are becoming more and more popular with the over-50’s.

The idea of a dating app which is age-restricted is becoming increasingly appealing in this world of more choice. There are more options than ever before to meet new people, but these days it’s more commonly done online, rather than meeting someone when you’re out and about.

Getting your life-work balance right is crucial as our lives can be tiring snd stressful at times. When you’ve come home after a hard day at work, its convenient and easy to go online in your own time and search for people to date, all from the comfort of your own sofa

You don’t have to splash out loads of money getting to know someone initially over drinks or dinner. You also don’t have to waste your time and energy getting yourself ready, arranging a venue to meet your date, travelling to meet them, getting to know them, then travelling home again, all to realise that you don’t click with that person. These days, you can find out a lot about someome online and figure out quite quickly if you like someone or not. It’s also good for your mental health to talk to other people about the day you’ve had and about your life in general.

Of course, life – and love are not perfect. Even if you feel as though you know someone well, after chatting together online for a while and you’ve agreed to meet up in person, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll click.

One such dating app specifically designed for the over-50’s is Lumen. It’s just one player in a growing market for mature daters.

Many over-50’s looking for love or companionship will have had one or more relationships in their life and it’s likely that many will have been married previously, had long term relationships and/or have children who are now older. They may be divorced or widowed and it’s likely that the world of online dating is completely new to them. They may not know how to use an app and this is why dating app designers have done so much research to make their apps more user-friendly and easier for people to navigate their way around.

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Author: Gareth Fosberry

Author of “Love At First Swipe”, Writer, Dating Blogger, Relocation Expert, Golfer, Football Coach, Music Lover