Practice Dates: Top 3 Reasons They Help You Find Love

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practice datespractice dates

Afraid to date again after a breakup or a long dry spell? Go on practice dates. In this video, learn the top 3 reasons why they help.

Are you afraid to date again after a breakup or a long dry spell? Go on practice dates. These are dates with men who aren’t your type, men you’re not that attracted to, men who are ‘maybes’. In this video, I discuss the top 3 reasons why you should go on practice dates.

Why Go on Practice Dates?

1. Practice dates give you clarity about what you want and need. We often think we need a certain character trait or quality in a man. But after going on practice dates with men we’re not anxious about, we might be pleasantly surprised about some qualities we didn’t know we wanted or needed. Or we become aware of qualities we thought we did need, but were more of a nice-to-have.

2. Practice dates help you manage expectations in dating. If you hold out for perfect, you’ll probably be single a long time. If you want to find love, it’s helpful to explore what it’s like to date many types of men and manage your expectations that you have to know he’s the one on the first phone call or date. The slow burn is much more likely to happen when you manage your expectations and relax into dating.

3. Practice dates make it easy to be yourself when you meet the right man. If you’ve been practicing showing up authentically with men who are not a good fit, you’ll be so much better at being yourself when you meet the right man. 

If you’ve been holding out for Mr. Perfect, go on more dates with Mr. Maybe. You never know which one will become your last first date!

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