Sigma vs Alpha Differences in Men!

Sigma vs Alpha Differences

What are the sigma vs alpha differences in men and how do you know which one you are?

Also, before I had a chance to put my thoughts together for sigma vs alpha differences a popular YouTuber released a video on the topic.

He’s a good guy and provides great fashion and lifestyle advice but… He thinks he’s a sigma and I think not. 😉

Having an alpha dad and a sigma brother has helped me understand the true sigma vs alpha differences.

Let’s explore the sigma vs alpha differences including 6 unofficial celebrity examples, how to spot your favourite YouTuber sigma vs alpha and how to develop masculine traits all women love no matter whether you’re sigma or alpha.

1 Autonomy vs Community

Generally, sigma males are the lone wolves of society. Lone but not lonely.

Celebrity example: Keanu Reeves.

They’re not only okay on their own, they often prefer their own company.

This means that for a sigma man, a woman will have to meet most if not all of his high standards to entice him out of single-hood.

They prefer not to lead or to follow.

Whereas alpha males tend to be the lead wolf in the their pack and if they don’t have a pack they generally want one.

Celebrity example: Charlie Sheen

An alpha male may or may not be lonely depending on how close his connections are and how fulfilled he feels within those relationships, romantic or otherwise.

An alpha man also has standards but if he’s lacking close connections he’ll feel more longing in that area.

Alpha men need to lead and feel uncomfortable when someone else takes the reins.

2 Rebel Rebel

Sigmas tend to go against the grain.

They don’t like to be told what to say, do or think and will often balk at trends or even laws.

They may express their rebellion in their style, view points, actions or choice of career.

A sigma man would never be caught dead in the newest fashion.

Sigmas are often confused with bad boys because of their rebellious nature.

Whereas alpha men only go against the grain if that grain is in direct conflict with their ideals and they’ll usually weigh legal consequences more than a sigma does.

An alpha man is more likely to be the first to jump on a new trend and display the epitome of it in his style.

The alpha man may be a trend follower but he’s the first to jump on board to lead that trend.

3 Golden Silence vs Speak up

Another sigma vs alpha differences is sigma men tend keep their thoughts to themselves unless it’s profoundly important whereas alpha men tend to share their thoughts and ideas readily.

Because of your vast array of knowledge and limited contribution, people listen and pay attention when you speak.

Sigma males are the strong silent types women find sexy and mysterious, whereas alpha males are the bold vocal types women instinctively feel can protect them.

When an alpha speaks with confidence, which is always, people can sometimes take what he says with a grain of salt.

Which brings us to…

4 Mysterious vs Open Book

Sigma men are confoundingly private.

Just like men need a bit of a challenge, so do women!

And women are drawn to being the one to crack the sigma code to find out all those secrets she imagines he keeps.

Alpha men are generally more open books. They feel they have nothing to hide or be ashamed of so they often overshare.

This is just part of why the YouTube I’m referring to is not a sigma male, at least not based on what he posts on his channel. (Even though he thinks so.)

Women find the openness of alphas appealing because it shows self-assurance which is sexy.

Hint: Your favourite sigma YouTubers will more likely be behind the camera while your favourite alpha YouTubers tend to be front and centre stage!

Why am I not mentioning his name?

Dude. Really? Do I know men better than you know men?

Never criticize a man in public; always praise a man in public. No matter how benign the truth may be or how right a woman may be, saying a man is wrong is criticism.

Another of the sigma vs alpha differences is…

5 Shadows vs Spotlight

Most sigma men are uncomfortable in the spotlight.

They may adjust to it if it’s a necessary part of their career, but they’ll avoid situations where they need to be the centre of attention.

It’s difficult for the sigma male to hide in the shadows, however, because their mysteriousness draws curiosity.

Meanwhile, alphas love the stage—and all the world’s a stage to the alpha man!

The alpha man loves to draft a good story and all the better for the world to hear it.

And the world does love to hear a tale told by the alpha man.

Whether a man is mysterious or boisterous, women are drawn to both.

6 Eccentricity vs Relatable AF

Sigma men tend to find the unusual interesting and people often think sigmas are kind of odd ducks but in a strangely appealing way.

They’re the men who would vote Independent—that is if they had any faith in the voting system at all.

Celebrity example: Elon Musk (Leads because no one else can do it as well as he can; in the public eye because it’s smart for business!)

Alpha man, on the other hand, often delve more deeply into topics and interests that interest the masses.

The alpha man can hold his own in most conventional conversations because he’s interested in what most people are interested in.

Not because he’s a follower but because he wants to know enough to hold his own in those conversations.

Celebrity example: Gerard Butler

Where a sigma man finds convention boring, an alpha uses convention to connect in a relatable way.

7 Social Norms

Another of the sigma vs alpha differences is the way sigma men and alpha men engage socially.

Whereas the sigma tends to drift in and out of a variety of groups never really fitting in (not that he’d want to), the alpha man is the example specimen of any group he’s in.

Sigmas take a long time to attach to any social group, and often never do. They’re content to participate as long as it feels good but without expectation or need of longevity.

Alphas, however, tend to form long term bonds with their bro’s and buddies in all the groups they’re in.

In this case, while women may be drawn to the mystery of the sigma male, they’ll feel safer with the consistency of the alpha man.

Bonus Sigma vs Alpha Differences

1 Disturbing the Peace

Sigmas are sometimes shit disturbers when things get “too normal” or just for the sake of it.

Alphas can also be pot stirrers but they tend to have reason or purpose to stir things up.

2 Fall Hard Fall Harder

Both can fall hard and are very selective but the pace at which they fall and the depth of their longing is a bit different.

Because sigmas have few close connections and rarely let people past their wall, they tend to take longer to fall for a girl, but when they do fall they fall hard.

Alphas, on the other hand, are more likely to fall in love faster.

They’ve usually experienced more intimate connections to know when they’ve met a real keeper.

Alphas fall hard but always know that if things go sideways there’ll be another bus any minute.

3 Introvert / Extrovert

Because of their reserved, private nature, and need for autonomy, there may be more introvert sigmas than extrovert sigmas.

Key point!

Introversion and shyness are two very different things!

Celebrity sigma example: Luke Wilson

Meanwhile, those life of the party alphas tend to display more extrovert qualities.

Celebrity alpha example: Owen Wilson

In fact, the best way to know a sigma vs alpha differences is whether your heart appears to be under lock and key (sigma) or you wear your heart on your sleeve (alpha).

Do women prefer sigma vs alpha differences?

If you’re confident and display certain characteristics that all woman want, there’ll be a perfect for you gal out there for you.

Whether you’re a sigma, alpha or even beta, you can develop the traits all women love without compromising who you are!

Two ways:

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