The Power of Your Other Hand

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your other handyour other hand

Learn about the surprising power of your other hand when it comes to dating and relationship skills. Tune in to learn more!

ST Rappaport is a Relationship Photographer and host of the LifePix Relationships Podcast. She utilizes her experience and expertise working with individuals, couples and experts in the field, on her mission to help as many people as possible overcome challenges and live the best life possible.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How writing with your non-dominant hand can help improve your relationships
  • A powerful exercise in using your non-dominant hand to understand your partner better
  • How to improve communication in your relationship
  • How to use your non-dominant hand to go on your last first date!

The Power of Your Other Hand

Tell us your story about how you got into working with your other hand.

I always loved photography. My favorite part was seeing emotions, especially in intimate relationships. I would take their favorite photo and hang it on a wall like a vision board to remind them of their love when they were fighting. One day I met a woman who said that writing/journaling with your other hand helped you find answers to your problem. I took some sessions with her and was able to reorganize my life. I became trained and mixed it with photography. They’re learning skills to make their relationship better.

How does writing with your other hand improve your relationships?

Your dominant hand is what you write with. It holds your consciousness. Your non-dominant hand is in charge of your subconscious. It helps override the conscious thoughts and access what’s behind the wall of our inner knowledge. 

Can you give us an exercise to do now?

Listen to the exercise we did together…

How can this technique be used to improve communication?

Our subconscious mind can help us understand another person. You can journal about them from their perspective. Take a blank piece of paper and have a conversation where you are represented by your dominant hand. With your non-dominant hand representing your partner, have a conversation on paper. It will help you gain perspective on the situation from their point of view. 

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

You want to know what you’re really looking for on your last first date. If you try making your list with your non-dominant hand, you’ll gain clarity about your last first date. Journal about it before your date in the language that it already happened. 

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