The Secret F Word That Makes Her Chase You!

A Secret F Word That Makes Her Chase You? 🤨

Is there really a secret F word that makes her chase you?

Yes and no.

There is an F word that’s part of a bigger strategy for making her chase you, but it only works in certain circumstances.

Let’s go over the secret F word plus 5 flirting examples using it.

But first, let’s look at some of your guesses that it isn’t…

The Secret F Word That Makes Her Chase You Is NOT

  • Food
  • Faith
  • Flatulence (shocking, I know—but you get a point for humour)

While the first two are good guesses and definitely a part of attracting a woman, there’s another F word that makes her want to chase you when she was otherwise on the fence.

Wait, hold up, Anna.

Are you telling me food attracts women? I thought the saying was, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?”

Dude, have you seen all the chubby Sheilas out there. Women be liking the goodies, too.

And, ready for this?

Even before there was ever a nasty wave of feminism, good women appreciated their man stoking the Barbie—as in BBQ.

So, yeah, we like to eat, too, and we love a man who knows his way around the kitchen.

Side note: Remember, everyone’s basic needs are based on survival—food, clothing, shelter.

Plus, sometimes baby needs a break from baking!

Ok, back to the secret F word that makes her chase you…

In the pick up artist (PUA) world, this strategy is called a neg, an indicator of disinterest, or a disqualifier: disqualifying her.

When you use this word, you’ll have a 300% greater chance of having her chase you and a 300% greater chance of having her put the moves on you first!

The secret F word that makes her chase you is…


Oh, how a seemingly innocent word can illicit the challenger gene in a woman!

When she does something nice for you say, “Aww, Ashley, you’re such a great friend.”

The challenger gene is present in all of us!

When we’re challenged by someone who says we can’t do or have something, we want to prove them wrong.

Do we always try to prove them wrong?


You may ask, Why not?

I say, Good question!

We want to prove them wrong when doing so has meaning to us.

Which means…

The secret F word that makes her chase you only works if there’s a chance of her wanting you, which means you either have to be a Chad or you have to already know her socially.

If her feelings are a hard “no” then you can “friend” bomb her all day long and it won’t mean a thing.

However, if she’s slightly attracted to you but hesitant or even if she’s unsure about her attraction to you, the F word can spark her challenge gene.

Though it still won’t usually garner immediate results. This is long game.

I know, I know, you hate games. We all do. So think of it as a strategy then.

Another good one, “Hello my friend, what are you up to this weekend?”

If she’s not yet convinced she has romantic feelings toward you, she’ll feel more comfortable hanging out if there’s no expectation of physical intimacy.

Over time you demonstrate your value and she starts to see you in a new, sexier, way.

Stick around for the downside to the friend zone strategy, but first…

Why The F Word Can Work

First, if she’s unsure about her attraction to you using the F word on her takes the romantic pressure off.

She can feel safe getting to know you without worrying about hurting your feelings by rejecting you—you’ve already friend zoned her!

Second, if she does have some attraction to you, she’ll want to get out of the friend zone with you.

How to Use the Secret F Word Effectively

Friend-zoning a girl is a skill that takes a lot of practice, failure, re-evaluation, modification and diligence to master.

But you can’t go in with obvious romantic interest and suddenly switch gears, she’ll feel the incongruence and it’ll be a turnoff.

So, you start with an indirect approach putting her in the friend zone before you even talk to her—doing so will show up in your body language, words, attitude et al.

Then you get her attracted and let her chase you.

All the while she’s chasing you, you’re vetting her and letting her know you’re qualifying her in subtle but unmistakable ways.

“You’re cute, Ashley, but you’ll have to convince how any guy would want a woman who likes Hillary.” 😉

Which is why, either way, you must keep the sexual tension alive in your relationship with her.

You’ll have to gauge how far you can go, but if you don’t keep the sexual tension activated, you’ll end up truly friend zoning yourself.

What is Sexual Tension?

Essentially, sexual tension is flirting in such a manner that the object of your attention has no doubt you want to bump nasties with her.

Flirting While Using the F Word!

1. Flirting includes subtle sexual innuendo—

“If I tell you how much I like your body, friend, would you hold it against me?” 😉

2. Flirting includes inside jokes—

You’ve had a recent discussion with your friend zoned girl on whether or not girls with tats are naughtier in bed and your female server shows up with an exposed sleeve of ink and pink hair.

You look at each other with a knowing glance, you wink or smirk at your girl “friend” and say, “She’s definitely a minx in bed.”

You both laugh.

3. Flirting includes granny touching—

Breaking the touch barrier often but in safe places, like arms, shoulder, small of her back, even grabbing her hand to read her palm…

“Give me your hand, I’ll tell you your future.”

She extends her hand.

“Oh, it says here you’re going to meet a charming gentleman but he’s going to friend zone you.”

(You both know you’re talking about you!)

4. Flirting includes teasing texts—

You text: I love redheads!

(She’s a redhead.)

She replies: Redheads are crazy 😉

You text: And so tasty

Her reply: !

You text right away: *Nasty
I meant can be nasty lol

Her: Haha 😘

You: You and I friends for life

5. Flirting includes amusing memes/funnies—

How Often to Use the Secret F Word That Makes Her Chase You

Don’t overuse the F word or it’ll start to sound fake and suspiciously intentional.

Rule of thumb: Say/text “friend” once, max, per interaction and only every second or third interaction.

If there’s the slightest interest on her part, she’ll be chasing you in subtle or not so subtle ways in no time!

Don’t be Creepy

The trick to friend zone sexual tension effectiveness is to get in the mindset it’s never gonna happen.

Wait, what?

Yes, you’ve decided the outcome is determined and you’re now only flirting with her as fun and playful practice.

This means you need to be actively dating and/or pursuing other women and not hiding the fact.

If she’s got hot girlfriends, then flirt with them or go for one (or more) of them. But only if you’re sincerely interested.

You’ll either get one of them or potentially maker her jealous and active her competition gene.

Don’t be afraid to check out or engage with other women when in her company—you’re only friends after all and any guy friend would totally cheer you on.

Also, don’t be too available. Go life your life. Improve yourself and become a more attractive man.

Each time you get together, she’ll experience some new and improved trait she didn’t notice before because it wasn’t there before.

If she never bites, it’s no big deal because you already wrote her off to begin with.

If you can’t get to this “it don’t matter” attitude, you’re not going to be able to pull off “the secret F word that makes women chase you.”

Abort mission.

Go work on you.

Start here…

Stay out of the friend zone, check out my videos on… yep, how to stay out of the friend zone!

xo AJ

After I wrote this I found an online PUA forum on the F word that helped validate my own thoughts and experiences that originally inspired this blog.