The Shadow Side of Love

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shadow side of loveshadow side of love

Love Coach Junie Moon speaks about the shadow side of love. In this episode, learn what it is and how it might be keeping you from love.

Junie Moon, aka The Love Coach, teaches women in midlife how to magnetize their ideal partner and experience what she calls Next Level Love. She’s an award-winning international speaker, best-selling author of Loving the Whole Package: Shed the Shame and Live Life Out Loud, director/producer of the film Shed the Shame, host of the podcast Midlife Love Out Loud and a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How Junie went from a 200-pound unhappy wife to losing weight, divorcing, and becoming a love coach
  • What is Shadow Work, and why is it important in dating?
  • What are some of the top reasons people struggle in relationships?
  • What are the four Love Shadows
  • How can people heal from their self-sabotage in love?
  • How can people break unhealthy patterns in love?

The Shadow Side of Love

How did you end up doing this work?

I was married twenty years. I walked around with knots in my stomach, walking on eggshells, afraid to speak up. I used food to soothe myself. I reached two-hundred pounds. I learned I had a lot of beliefs about not being seen and being a people pleaser. I got divorced and dove into personal growth. After years of therapy, something was missing. I found shadow work, and I had huge breakthroughs. Once I transformed, I wanted to share this work with others, and that’s how I became a love coach.

What are love shadows and why do we need to know what they are?

Shadow is the part of us we disowned, the part of us we think is bad. In our childhood, we were told some parts of us were bad. And we had pain or shame around those parts. We take that part of us, and we put it in the ‘shadow box’. 

In shadow work, we look at the patterns getting in the way of our true selves. What we labeled as ‘bad’ has a healthy side. In shadow work, we reclaim it. 

With shadow work, you are in a safe container so you can feel your feelings. Then you can relax into your feelings and show up as your most authentic self. 

What are the most common shadows?

There are four love shadows:

  1. Magician. Helps us make decisions about how to be in relationships.
  2. Sovereign. Self-worth, shoot for the stars. Connects us to our desire.
  3. Lover. Helps us give and receive love.
  4. Warrior. Helps to show up more fully and guards us from the wrong kind of love. 

How can we break these painful patterns? 

For the Magician archetype, if we’re on high alert and untrusting, we need to work on this shadow. The Sovereign supports us in calming the Magician down. [Listen to a powerful exercise towards the end of the podcast, where Junie walks you through stepping out of the shadow and into your higher self]

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