‘Above the Fold’ Episode Recap: How to be a ‘Gooder’ Brand

Never in the history of our podcast have we covered as much ground as we do on this episode of Above the Fold, featuring Diana Fryc—not surprising, given her CV.

Diana is the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Retail Voodoo. She co-founded the company in 2011 and has since worked with countless food, beverage, wellness and fitness brands. She’s helped companies like REI, KIND, Essentia, Brooks Running, the Puget Sound Consumer Co-op (PCC) and even Walmart overcome growth hurdles.

She also hosts her own podcast, Gooder. To boot, she’s highly knowledgeable on the issues of food equity, conscious capitalism and sustainability.

And you can bet we talked about all of that, and more, on this episode of the Above the Fold podcast:

Other key issues we cover:

  • Racial and ethnic representation at grocery stores.
  • Operationalizing your “brand values.”
  • The role leadership plays in branding.

Some cool resources:

  • The Gooder Podcast: A fantastic podcast featuring powerful women talking about the important issues they help solve in the world.
  • Retail Voodoo: Diana’s brainchild.
  • Ron Finley Project: A really cool initiative out of Los Angeles that Diana referenced in this episode.
  • The “Sister, Sister” Theme Song: Because Retail Voodoo actually helped Tia Mowry (AKA Tia of “Sister, Sister”) develop a brand that creates health supplements specifically for women of color. (Jeff and Francis were not nearly as excited about this as they should have been.)

Context free quote of the week:

“What do we want, as human beings, for other human beings on the planet?”

Dominick Sorrentino is a senior writer in Chicago. He’s a wordsmith who endeavors to use language, story-telling and creativity to solve problems. He enjoys pizza, the musical styling of A Tribe Called Quest, traveling, a good conversation and, of course, putting pen to paper.