Best 11 Bing SEO & PPC Agencies to Get More Clicks in 2021

The best Bing marketing agencies are helping companies get more clicks using SEO and PPC with their experience in the field.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are surely among the most efficient ways to make your targeted audience find your business’ website.

If your goal is to get more clicks and increase conversion rates, your business needs an SEO and PPC agency. And, make sure your agency combines tactical execution with a solid strategic framework. 

When it comes to increasing the number of clicks, many Bing marketing agencies put all their effort to high rank on Google. However, grasping every share of the market is more significant than it is usually thought. You should consider working with an agency that will allocate your SEO and PPC strategies to other search engines as well. 

Bing Marketing Agencies 

As we are halfway through 2021, Microsoft’s search engine Bing has been increasing its popularity in search engine traffic. Working on Bing will help your business increase your overall website traffic and potential revenue.

Here we will provide you with a list of 11 Bing marketing agencies that are considered good in SEO and PPC marketing for Bing:

  • Major Tom
  • Impression
  • Croud
  • SEO Brand
  • Tangent
  • Mobiteam
  • Evoluted
  • Emote Digital
  • Straight North
  • Lounge Lizard Worldwide

Major Tom

Located in New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Toronto, Major Tom serves from anywhere with a secure internet connection. The full-service team works with impressive planning and performance to accelerate your company’s paid search profitability and drive your revenue.

Most importantly, Major Tom designs cost-effective SEO and PPC campaigns for Bing. The team’s service includes formulating a long-tail keyword strategy with words relevant to your business. And they also provide syncing your paid search ads with your e-commerce platforms. The experts rely on structured data and create high-quality content. Major Tom builds customer journeys that improve visibility and increases website traffic organically on Bing.


bing marketing agenciesbing marketing agencies

Impression is an outstanding digital marketing agency based in Nottingham and London. With decades of experience, it is one of the best Bing marketing agencies, especially for the health sector. Their services cover the full spectrum of strategy, marketing, development. And as a result, Impression assists businesses of various sizes around the world for all these.

The agency offers excellent services in PPC thanks to its robust understanding of ad strategies, experienced team, and budget planning. SEO services offered by Impression include technical SEO, SEO auditing, on-site content, e-commerce SEO, and international SEO. Furthermore, Impression was awarded as the Best Large SEO Agency in Europe at the European Search Awards 2018.


Founded in 2011, Croud is an experienced agency. They partner with many leading companies across markets and industries. The nimble team combines strategic thinking with tactical execution. The team consists both of in-house experts and a network of experts, all named as Croudies.

Croud uses automation, smart data integration, and expert localization to deliver PPC at scale. It also works with Bing’s Syndicated Partners -third-party publishers- to reach more users. As a result you can receive additional conversions for PPC advertising. Croudies also excel at

  • keyword research,
  • copywriting,
  • content, and
  • technical SEO to get even more effective results on Bing.

SEO Brand

SEO Brand defines itself as a boutique, yet global data-driven growth agency based in the US and Canada. Its key clients include The Weather Channel, Mont Blanc, The Ritz-Carlton. As it is obvious from the name, the agency extensively focuses on SEO. Every client is offered a personalized SEO team that takes care of every aspect of the custom-design SEO campaigns.

SEO Brand is also well-versed in PPC advertising. The agency’s experts analyze multiple ad groups for split testing and optimization purposes. And also they create a seamless funnel from the ad itself to the desired result. Thanks to contextual advertising, the agency helps companies to advertise in a less competitive space like Bing. In this way they can take advantage of traffic from multiple sources.


bing marketing agencies tangentbing marketing agencies tangent

Tangent is a UK-based digital product agency consisting of talented strategists, designers, and engineers. The agency hosts a cross-disciplinary team. They help big, medium, and small companies prosper across various industries. Tangent is one of the best in digital space in today’s multi-channel world.

SEO is among Tangent’s remarkable strengths. They are successfully applying SEO optimizations on site considering all technical and on-page ranking factors. Furthermore, Tangent’s team has fully grasped the importance of building interest off-site for natural search performance. The team adopts a data-driven approach to integrate on-page SEO attempts with broader digital PR strategies.


Mobiteam is an agency well-known for its aesthetic and high-quality web design for corporate, personal, and e-commerce platforms. The agency was established in Berlin in 2012. Then extended its services to offices in Rotterdam and Chișinau to demonstrate its visual-oriented expertise beyond the borders of Germany.

Mobiteam offers budget-friendly options from basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to advanced Social Media Marketing campaigns. The agency conducts cutting-edge SEO optimization strategies. Among their services there are marketing, programming to improve SEO tags and optimize website codes, and analytics to measure success. It further offers

  • on-site services including title and meta description optimization and
  • off-site SEO services including placing banners and links on blogs in your niche.


Evoluted is an award-winning digital agency located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the UK. It has offices in Birmingham, Manchester, and London. Firstly, the agency puts importance on forming long-term relationships with its partners. They work in cooperation with large UK-based and international organizations. Relying on innovative technology, ROI-focused delivery is among the core values of the agency.

Evoluted is among the most well-managed Bing PPC agencies as the team works effectively with Microsoft Advertising. PPC campaigns of Evoluted are carefully designed considering real-time reporting and highly flexible budget management. Researching the most suitable keywords, they produce compelling ad copy. And, it helps the agency bring sustainable growth to its clients.

Emote Digital

bing marketing agencies emote digitalbing marketing agencies emote digital

With its motto “Powerful Websites, Measurable Marketing”, Emote is one of the chief digital marketing agencies in Australia. As an award-winning agency with a custom-picked team, Emote Digital has 20 years of experience. The agency works hard to suit the needs of businesses across more than 70 industries. This Australian-made agency says that it does not outsource overseas to serve better with their local industry experts.

Emote Digital delivers applications such as

  • keyword planner,
  • competitor review,
  • SEO rollout plans.

They also provide all its clients with 24/7 Live Reporting. The experts and account managers share commentaries and insights monthly so that they keep the clients updated about their data and measures of success. Above all, the agency works with dedication, accuracy, and attention to detail. Emote Digital, as one of Bing marketing agencies, is affordable with flat pricing across each service per quarter.

Straight North

Straight North is a US-based internet marketing agency founded in 1997. Its in-house team has more than 100 full-time marketers. The team helps growth-minded, small, and middle-market firms raise online sales leads and e-commerce revenue. They provide data-driven insights alongside technology and creativity. That’s why the agency is chosen by companies from different sectors like health and construction.

The agency is an industry leader in SEO, partnering with small and medium-size B2B and B2C organizations. The top SEO services include

  • sophisticated data analytics,
  • competitive research,
  • consulting engagement,
  • high-quality content development,
  • graphic design, and
  • strategy development.

Straight North is also a proven Bing PPC management company with well-crafted strategies. They are known for their success in keyword selection, Bing advertising tracking, creative advertisement design, and targeted advertisement display.


DIJGTAL was founded in 2016 to bridge the gap between experience design and marketing. Serving from three big countries, it has offices in Sydney, Vancouver, and Los Angeles. DIJGTAL delivers complex, multi-front campaigns that achieve improving results for early-stage startups, enterprise ventures, and corporate partners. In addition, PwC, CommBank, Bristol-Myers Squibb are among DIJGTAL’s clients.

The agency’s team of experts relies on robust qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand consumer behaviour. Its novel and human-centred approach makes DIJGTAL distinct from its many other competitors. Their focus on visual consistency, usability, security, and functionality are also among the greatest advantages of working with DIJGTAL for SEO and PPC.

Lounge Lizard Worldwide

bing ppc agenciesbing ppc agencies

Established in 1998, Lounge Lizard Worldwide is a top-rated North American web design and digital marketing agency. Its portfolio includes projects for many Fortune 500 companies. Lounge Lizard Worldwide employs a full-service staff of marketing strategists, project managers, creative designers, copywriters, online marketing experts, and technical developers.

Firstly, Lounge Lizard offers customized PPC campaigns and targeting strategies. It helps your company to get visible on Bing. Consequently, they increase revenue without spending a lot of time and effort. The PPC process consists of several steps including

  • keyword analysis,
  • competitor analysis,
  • bid strategy,
  • creative design and
  • copywriting, and
  • conversion tracking.

Lounge Lizard Worldwide is an efficient and cost-effective choice if you want to increase your website’s clicks through Bing.


As a result, it seems that Bing will become a more significant search engine for traffic generation in the following years. These 11 Bing SEO agencies exemplified above deliver targeted and customer-oriented solutions for you to

  • attract the right audience,
  • increase your clicks,
  • convert leads, and
  • grow your business using Bing.

Are you interested in creating more opportunities for your business on a relatively underexplored search engine like Bing? Then, benefit from these Bing marketing agencies’ SEO and PPC expertise across industries and geographies. Thanks to their help, you can avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.