Best Marketing Reporting Tools for Tech Companies

Business success only can take shape if progress and growth are tracked. That’s why tech businesses need marketing reporting tools to get valuable data sources about the performance of their business. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best marketing reporting platforms for tech companies!

Using a marketing reporting tool is vital for almost every business. Reports are giving insights into how the marketing strategies are going on, how is your tech business performing, what metrics in your marketing data are becoming more of an issue and how your marketing efforts can achieve success and much more.

Marketing reports will guide you on where to focus your time and effort in digital marketing activities. The key factor here is to know what marketing metrics you should be reporting. Otherwise, running a well-automated reporting system does not make any sense. The important marketing metrics should include conversion rates, traffic metrics by any device and channel, SEO rankings, blog traffic, PPC campaigns and social media metrics.

The Benefits of Marketing Reporting for Tech Companies

Marketing reporting software for tech companies provides numerous benefits such as;

  • Optimizing marketing strategies,
  • Keeping track of marketing metrics daily, weekly and monthly,
  • Identifying industry trends and actionable steps to improve marketing performance,
  • Streamlining reporting process with data visualization,
  • Presenting all marketing data from one place and many more.

Top 6 Marketing Reporting Tools for Tech Companies

Getting help from the marketing reporting tools, tech companies can simplify creating meaningful custom reports to effectively control their marketing performance. Below, you can find the best marketing reporting tools for tech companies:

  • Adverity
  • Google Data Studio
  • Power BI
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Datapine

So, if you are ready, let’s dive into the world of the best marketing reporting tools for tech companies!


adverity digital marketing reporting tooladverity digital marketing reporting tool
Resource: SAP Store

Adverity leads the best marketing reporting tools for tech companies list. Its end-to-end marketing analytics platform allows tech companies to track their results, improve the ROI and strengthen their marketing strategies. Adverity also stores all marketing stacks in one place to easily integrate and transform siloed data. 

With the creating custom reports feature, tech companies can monitor their KPIs and marketing metrics to see if their performance matches the business goals. By doing that, tech businesses can always stay on top of their marketing performance.

The AI-powered analytics system can help to get real-time insights into marketing campaigns. While other AI-powered features can analyze marketing data, at the same time determine which opportunities can play a role in optimization and growth. 

Since the analysis and reporting is a pretty sensitive process, problems can come to light at any time. Adverity shines out with its easily accessible and knowledgeable customer service.

Google Data Studio

google data studiogoogle data studio
Resource: MoreVisibility

Everyone must have used Google Data Studio once in their life to get actionable insights into how strategies are performing on different marketing channels. As it is an online platform, businesses tend to use Google Data Studio for converting data into custom reports and dashboards. It also gives flexibility while creating meaningful reports. 

Google Data Studio can visualize the data that is transformed from multiple sources. That’s why it eases the creation of customized reports and dashboards that can easily be shared across channels. 

It also provides pre-built integrations with other Google products such as Google Analytics and Adwords to improve your business website’s data and performance on the search engine.

Power BI

Power BI, microsoft business intelligence softwarePower BI, microsoft business intelligence software

Power BI is a powerful Microsoft business intelligence software that enables creating interactive dashboards and custom reports for tech companies. It will inevitably increase business growth as it provides actionable insights. The data visualization feature helps businesses tell their marketing data story while using drag-and-drop report templates.

The business intelligence software enables everyone at your tech company to have a say in their field thanks to the data-driven analytics system. Users also can create and share meaningful insights with numerous data visualizations that are integrated with Excel or other platforms. 

While Power BI creates better digital experiences, at the same time it focuses on keeping marketing data secure with the data security features such as sensitivity labelling, end-to-end encryption, and real-time access monitoring.

Zoho Analytics

zoho marketing analytics toolzoho marketing analytics tool

Zoho Analytics offers a variety of data visualization options such as charts, pivot tables, formulas for custom metrics and data blending for tech companies. It helps them connect, transform and analyze data to make profitable decisions. Turning raw data into insightful reports and dashboards can enable businesses to identify trends, predict the future and track key metrics.

Users can import data they have from various sources like Stripe, HubSpot, Google Docs, Salesforce, Xero etc with its easy-to-use connectors. Then, they can segment the data that they would like to analyze through the dashboard. With the AI assistant, users can generate automated insights and analyses.

Once the data is transformed into visuals, it makes each metric in the reports easy to understand. Also, the collaboration feature allows building a connection between other team members, making comments, creating smart alerts. 



Another powerful marketing reporting tool for tech companies Datapine allows them to explore, visualize, analyze and report data in one place. It also eases the monitoring of the KPIs process. Datapine empowers every team member to get actionable insights with its self-service analytics system.

Datapine analyzes the results of your marketing data and your company-wide strategies. By doing that, it develops data-driven workflows to strengthen the company’s efficiency. Thanks to the drag and drop editor, users can easily manage, segment and transform the important metrics. So, each team member can react to opportunities faster while following trends. 

Moreover, Datapine allows creating multiple custom reports at a time like other powerful marketing reporting tools in the market. The AI-powered analytics system monitors every database to make sure everything is going well on multiple channels. If something happens, the smart alerts will get involved. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are powerful marketing reporting software for tech companies in the market that appeal to each unique need. The important thing here would be efficiency, accountability, security, user-friendliness, integration ability and customer service. 

Almost every marketing reporting tool provides a set of data created to analyze the performance of marketing campaigns, strategies, efforts, tactics or goals to enhance business performance. The best solution will be reshaped by your business needs. 

Reporting results can level up if you integrate your data with multiple sources. While some offer essential reporting solutions, others tend to offer more specific solutions in one place. So, at the end of the day, the decision is completely yours.

If you still want to discover more of the best reporting solutions for your tech business, come and have a look at our reporting stack to take your marketing data to the next level!