Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in Amsterdam with Creative Case Studies

Social Media Marketing Agencies in Amsterdam can help you grow your business with creative work. Social media is known as the most powerful channel for businesses of all sizes to expand their reach.

Therefore, a smart social media marketing strategy is a must for excellent business performance in today’s digital-driven, competitive marketplace. To engage their customers and increase their sales, many global businesses choose to work with qualified, creative social media marketing agencies.

Amsterdam is one of the most significant cities not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe overall. Its central location and open-minded, multicultural environment make Amsterdam a vibrant business district beyond its reputation as a great touristic place.

In this article, we are listing Amsterdam’s top 5 social media marketing agencies that have proven their expertise in creative storytelling and engaging content:

  • Wilderness
  • Crowd
  • AGCS
  • Meijer & Walters
  • This Page Amsterdam

If you choose to consult them for your business, these agencies will navigate you through your journey in the best way possible.

social Media Marketing Agencies in Amsterdamsocial Media Marketing Agencies in Amsterdam

Founded in 2015, Wilderness Agency is one of Europe’s fastest-growing independent agencies. This thriving marketing agency has offices in London and Amsterdam, but the reach of its services is not confined to the European business environment. With a team of almost 40 specialists, Wilderness Agency is globally influencing and shaping social media through solid strategy, creativity, and data.

The agency is creating a working environment that values hard work, inspiring action, inclusiveness, and diversity. Besides, it has leading awards and publications. It has notable customers such as Webbys, Marketing Week, Digiday, Penguin, and English Heritage. A successful case study of Wilderness Agency is its work with Discovery Network.

Discovery Network turned to Wilderness Agency to appeal to a growing youth audience on social media who do not watch a traditional channel, unlike older generations. So, the creative agency transformed Discovery’s social strategy to obtain an ROI from social activity by millennials. The creative strategies included simulcasting feature-length documentaries and live talent Q&As. As a result, Discovery Network explored new ways to encourage the youth to watch and saw record growth on social media, especially on Facebook.

Crowd is an independent global marketing agency that has been competing in the market since 2012. In addition to its European branches in Amsterdam, Bournemouth, and Madrid, Crowd serves from almost everywhere around the world, including cities such as Dubai, Beijing, Sydney, and New York. The agency amplifies the demand for

  • innovative governments,
  • independent businesses, and
  • multinational companies of all sizes.

Crowd has a dynamic, experienced multinational in-house team, along with direct access to a skilled global network of proven marketing professionals. The team fuses localized knowledge, rich data, digital innovation, and creativity to transform brands cost-effectively and innovatively.

Crowd has specialized in the delivery of environmentally sustainable products and services. Within this scope, it is a charitable partner of Plastic Oceans International. In 2019, Plastic Oceans International organized a ‘Swim Against Plastic’ initiative, and Crowd was involved in all aspects of the social media campaign.

Endurance swimmer Sarah Ferguson swam around Easter Island in 24-hours, non-stop. Crowd’s team filmed her entire journey, and the achievement was broadcast on the world’s broadcast media, as well as Plastic Oceans’ digital channels. This creative campaign resulted in a 98% increase in social media engagement and raised awareness of marine plastic pollution.

Social Media Marketing Agencies in Amsterdam agcsSocial Media Marketing Agencies in Amsterdam agcs

AGCS is a creative-driven digital agency with a range of services which include

  • design,
  • video editing,
  • digital campaign execution, and
  • HTML5 Banner Design.

Even though it is a Dutch local agency, it prepares smart campaigns for big brands around the world. AGCS has partnered with clients like Universal Pictures, Axel Springer, and Yamaha Motor Europe.

To clarify, the agency hosts a nimble team of coders, designers, and digital campaign planners. Digital design, Spark AR filters, and Snapchat filters are among the creative services provided. A creative case study example is the agency’s partnership with Bathstore, a specialist bathroom retailer in the UK.

AGCS helped Bathstore with its nationwide social media campaign for Easter. They implemented a digital media campaign on Bathstore’s social media platforms. The company had over 15000 engagements and increased its social media followers in a very busy period of the year.

Meijer Walters amsterdam agencyMeijer Walters amsterdam agency

Meijer & Walters is one of the social media marketing agencies in Amsterdam that partners with B2B brands across Europe since 2012. This successful boutique agency asserts that its starting point is always customer insight. That is how they create tailor-made social media campaigns that are correctly targeted to the relevant audience using the right channels.

A high-tech construction company, GeoMax Positioning is among the satisfied clients of Meijer & Walters. The agency helps GeoMax grow its online visibility by undertaking the daily management of its social channels.

The social media approach is based on reaching possible resellers for the brand, especially to enhance representation in Africa and Latin America. Along with sharing relevant content with targeted audiences, Meijer & Walters gets localized. Furthermore, they offer translations into English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

This creative social media marketing agency was established in 2009. Located at the intersection of creativity and technology, This Page Amsterdam creates digital engagement and brand experience for its clients. Its areas of expertise include digital strategy, omnichannel marketing, digital production, and digital branding.

For instance, a key challenge for the team of This Page Amsterdam was the project for Nike. They were driving Nike shoes’ engagement on social media and boost sales on the e-commerce platform Zalando. The creative team developed an interactive styling tool linking Facebook and Zalando. It shows three different models in rain, cold and nighttime settings.

After all, the design was smart, enabling users to learn about the unique product benefits and create their own optimal outfit. Boosted with video ads on Facebook, the styling tool led to a 63% engagement rate, 23% click-through to Zalando.

In conclusion, remember that there is nothing impossible in a constantly evolving digital space. As a result of their creative thinking and skillful implementation, these social media marketing agencies help you to increase your brand engagement through smart social media campaigns. Feel free to contact them to grow your social media presence.