“Diverisflex” Resistance Band Set

I was contacted by makers of the Diversiflex resistance band product to review their product. As with all my reviews, I have not received any compensation from them.


As I’ve discussed previously, I am an enthusiastic user of resistance bands. They are a great way to get a good strength-training workout with lightweight and compact equipment. What sets Diversiflex apart is getting a very complete set, with a total resistance of 90 Kg (200 lbs.), as well as a set of attachments for various surfaces to allow you to do a variety of workout stations. The total price is 90 GBP or about $125 at current exchange rates. It also comes with a wheel for abdominal training, a floor mat, handles, wrist attachments, and a bar to stand on for exercises like overhead presses, and a storage bag. There are 3 different sets to choose from, depending on what you want to attach to (one for wooden, e.g. studs in your garage, one for other wall types, and one that does not require permanent attachments). The product comes with a five-week exercise program for resistance and aerobic training. A stand out feature of the product is its transverse and vertical attachment points. This feature is designed for various functional movements, allowing for more exercises across all planes of motion.

This is a great way to get you started on a full-body training program. I highly recommend checking it out. There are some good videos demonstrating the use of the product on their website.

Frasier Neill, founder of Diversiflex, has training in physiotherapy and appears very knowledgeable from the videos.

Band quality:

The downside of resistance bands is that they can snap. The ones from Diversiflex have an outer coating nylon fabric which is a safety feature if the band snaps, and also appear to be well-made and snap resistant. Also Diversiflex replied to my question about this in an email:

1. Everyone has seen videos of resistance bands coming free of the attachment points and people end up getting hit with the band. That is why we designed the transverse and vertical attachment points. These help prevent the bands coming loose and allow for effective and safe workouts 
2. The fabric around the band itself is a nylon protective cloth, this will protect the users if the bands wear down over time 
3. The attachment points themselves have been tested to withstand 150kg (330 lbs.) of weight for a 5 minute duration. This allows users of all fitness levels to use the equipment safely and effectively. 

This is reassuring, plus I have a set of bands that are of similar construction to these, that I have used safely for years.