Exercise Fights Off Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease


Previously I described an inspiring video about Larry, who kept active by using a recumbent bicycle despite advance symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, so I was interested to see a new study that investigated how exercise helps with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. I learned about it on Clarence Bass’s site, his discussion is here. One of the main issues with Parkinson’s is that special neuron’s in the brain that should be producing the neurotransmitter dopamine no longer do their job effectively. But the brain can compensate by using dopamine more efficiently, and exercise helps with that, as shown in the study, described here. This benefit comes from changing the regions in the brain where dopamine is received. Specific exercises help with different symptoms: “targeted exercises can address specific symptoms for example: aerobic exercise improves fitness, walking exercises assist in gait, resistance training strengthens muscles”.

This link and the one below also have specific tips for people with Parkinson’s who want to start an exercise program.