Healthier Sleep Habits & Stress Management W/PMR

As a trainer, one of the most important, and often most overlooked ways to help a client
improve their health, fitness performance, and reduce injury, is sleep. Yes, you read that
correctly. S-L-E-E-P!
Sleep is a key factor for our overall health, especially when it comes to healing, muscle recovery
and the production of healthy hormones to keep us motivated and energized throughout our
day. But sleeping, like many things, if often times easier said than done.
One of the major challenges I see effecting my clients sleep patterns is an increase in stress
levels. The a few of the top contributors I’ve seen increasing the stress levels lately are a)
lifestyle changes b) raising young children c) over training d) fluctuations in hormone levels. For
many of us, these issues progress slowly over time, but for others, the shift in our bodies can
seem to come overnight.
The problem: Stress is normal, and no matter what type of lifestyle you lead, you cannot run
from it. Whether its external stress, internal stress, or stress brought on from those sweaty
workouts you love, your body reads it all as stress. The solution: Teach our body how to move
through stress. Why? Because it’s one of the most important ways we can improve our overall
mental, emotional, and physical health. PMR, is also a excellent way of introducing mindfulness
to children and giving them a tool to reduce stress, calm their minds and create healthy body

How do I reduce negative stress and improve my sleep?

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