IBM Hill and Some Hill Climbing Intervals

I decided to do an out and back to the IBM hill since I omitted it from my ride Friday. This follows Dougherty Ave, I nice rural road, then Santa Teresa Boulevard, to Bernal road which climbs the IBM hill. I then returned (with a decent tailwind) to west Morgan Hill, doing seated sprint intervals on the way back. I finished with hill climbing intervals, standing, on the streets on the lower slopes of El Toro. These were challenging, I got up to a max heart rate of 172. Hills keep you honest! I thought I was going hard on the sprint intervals but my HR got much higher uphill. The effect of standing instead of seated might have had something to do with it also.

Top of the IBM hill with the gatehouse for the IBM research facility.
Part of Santa Teresa Park from the same spot
Mt. Umunhum in the distance, from the road to the parking lot of Santa Teresa Park
The Route uploaded from my watch

I’m enjoying having the new watch for tracking. It is very non-intrusive, I don’t look at it much during the ride except mostly to check elapsed time so I don’t get home late. But it’s nice to peruse the results later at my leisure .