Meet Maisey

Hi friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Ours was a special one because we got to welcome the newest member of our family.

Meet Maisey.

She’s a mini sheepadoodle and the sweetest, snuggliest, sassiest little goose. Maisey has already made Caro her best friend (Caro is still trying to figure out what the heck is going on) and loves chasing toys, eating, and taking cat naps on the tile at our feet.

Some things about Maisey:

– She enjoys chasing her stuffed bear, squirrel, and dragging her blanket around the house

– She’s already sleeping in our bed

– She also already learned how to ring a bell on the back door when she needs to go out

and she has us all completely in love with her. She’s the perfect addition to our family and we’re all convinced that Bella sent her just for us.

Welcome to the family, sweet Maisey girl.

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