Movement + Macros is here!

Hey hey! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m writing in with some exciting news today… Movement + Macros is here!

This is for:

– All of my friends out there who are tired of doing the cookie cutter fitness and nutrition programs and want something that’s designed just for them

– Those who are doing all the things and feel frustrated because they’re not seeing results

– Those who have tried every diet under the sun and want something sustainable

– Those who want to track macros but aren’t sure what to do or how to get started

– Those who have serious fitness goals and want to take their training to the next level

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This is a customized plan and nutrition guide taking into consideration your unique goals (fat loss, athletic performance, muscle gain, etc), diet history, activity level, personal preferences and more! You’ll also receive a virtual movement assessment live with me to help you move better, reduce injury risk and finally achieve the physique you want.

You can read more about the bundle here, but here’s more about what it is and what’s included when you sign up:

The Movement + Macros bundle is a brand new program designed as an accessible, quick roadmap to help you reach your health and fitness goals. I normally work with clients for months (and sometimes years!) and know not everyone needs a long-term coaching commitment. Sometimes you need someone to just give you a plan and support you in a more affordable way.

This is my signature offer to help you access the strategies you need to make your workouts safe AND effective, while also eating for your goals and being confident to have the nutrition solution that will work FOR YOU.

What’s included:

Thorough intake form including body composition, health history, medications, current activity level, and anything else I need to know about your unique lifestyle

An initial 30-minute in-depth coaching call to discuss the intake form and complete a movement assessment live with me

Detailed report explaining your specific muscle imbalances and movement patterns, and an exact prescription for how to remedy each one to keep you safe and getting physique results

Complete customized nutrition guide, including macro guidelines and meal ideas (based on the diet YOU like to follow!)

Follow-up coaching with me to answer questions and support you

A 7-day follow-up to make sure you’re able to implement and have everything you need to be successful ongoing

When you sign up today, you’ll automatically get a free gift from me to you – a download with 52 High Protein Recipes (plus shopping lists and sample meal plans)

I’m so pumped to share this method of macro tracking with you because it’s something that’s super easy to follow and sustainable. I HATED weighing and measuring my food when I tracked macros in the past, and this method uses the size of our hand to gauge portions. No weighing, no measuring, no feeling like you can’t eat at friends’ houses or restaurants without straying from your goals. This is meant to be a sustainable method for LIFE that is easily adjusted for a variety of eating styles.

Spaces are SUPER limited – only 10 women max to start – so if you’re interested, snag your spot ASAP! When the 10 spots are filled, I’ll add a waitlist option to this page. Sign up for the waitlist if you’re interested (it’s no obligation) and I’ll work through everyone in order. If you get a waitlist spot, it may be 2-4 weeks until we can schedule our initial call.

You can read more info including FAQs here.

So pumped about this and so excited to get to know more of you better and share these ideas and strategies with you! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below!