My First Group Ride With the Recumbent

I went for my regular Tuesday ride with my group today but brought the recumbent instead. I knew today’s ride didn’t have too many tough hills so I figured I could keep up. We rode up into the hills West of Morgan Hill, then looped over to the Coyote Creek trail, which we took to the Coyote Creek Golf Course where we had lunch, then back to Morgan Hill from there, just under three hours total.

The ‘bent was able to keep up easily on the flats, and was faster on the downhills. As expected, it as slower on the uphills. So overall I was a little ahead of “mid-pack”. Not bad for this first outing. We had a great day for it, the temperature was pleasant until the last bit home after lunch when it was just starting to get hot.

My wierd bike parked behind some of the “normal” bikes at the golf course patio.
Nice views across the valley to the Santa Cruz mountains