Nice New Bike Trail in Gilroy

Our neighboring town to the south, Gilroy, is growing quite a bit. But in addition to the new residential developments, they’ve been setting aside some open space, and there is a new bike trail through it that starts on Hecker Pass highway. Planned for the future is extending the trail all the way to the top of Hecker Pass, which among other things will provide a good way to get to Mt. Madonna County Park.

My bike group decided to do an outing to check it out. We rode from Morgan Hill south on Santa Teresa Boulevard to Day Road, then up into the hills to the West to Watsonville road. From Watsonville , Burchell road takes you to Hecker Pass highway, right across the street from the new path. Then we had a nice several mile excursion on the new path, which links up to an existing path taking you all the way to the Gilroy sports complex where we took a break before heading back home on Santa Teresa. It was a great morning outing, and we finished up before it got too late.

A view from the path. To the right is a habitat conservation area which Uvas Creek flows through
View of the Diablo range to the Northeast in the distance. In the foreground is part of the grounds of Gilroy High School.
Taking a Break at the Sports complex.