A status report on healthcare’s adoption of digital documents [Sponsored]


A new survey from Foxit Software on the shift to paperless medical documents and processes reveals that the Covid-19 pandemic has given a new sense of urgency for healthcare organizations to shift parts of their business that rely on paper-based documents to digital documents.

About 46% of respondents replied “significant” or “urgent”, in response to the question, “Since the start of the Covid-19 public health crisis, how big of a priority has it been to adopt an electronic document format for patient-facing healthcare forms and documents?”.

The findings, published in a new report, explore the fundamental issue that healthcare organizations contend with, even those that have digitized most of their operations: How to further reduce their reliance on paper and digitize these documents.

“Time is money and paper-based business processes are slow and create a lot of internal inefficiencies and revenue losses within the healthcare sector,“ according to Deboshree Sarkar, Product Marketing Manager and Healthcare Marketing Vertical Leader with Foxit.

The report highlights which services still rely on paper documents and why, areas identified as priorities for healthcare organizations to convert to digital, and some of the reasons why some institutions have yet to adopt digital documents.

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