Akili strikes $37.5M licensing deal for another game-based treatment


After getting FDA clearance for its game to improve attention in kids with ADHD, digital health company Akili Interactive is looking to bring another to the market.

The Boston-based company struck a $37.5 million licensing deal with Australian digital health company TALi Digital to bring its game-based treatment to the U.S.

Similar to Akili’s first product, TALi’s digital therapeutic is focused on improving attention in kids. The tablet-based game is intended to improve children’s selective attention, or the ability to focus on important information while ignoring distractions. It’s currently marketed in Australia, India, Singapore and Hong Kong, and isn’t currently tied to a specific indication.

Although the companies take a similar approach, TALi’s game targets a slightly younger demographic. Akili’s game is cleared for use by children ages 8 to 12, and TALi’s  is designed for kids ages 3 to 8.

“Focused on early childhood intervention targeting attention, TALi’s impressive technology is an ideal addition to Akili’s portfolio. We are committed to changing the way people think about medicine, and strategic agreements like this will allow us to expand our vision to treat cognitive impairments in entirely new ways and usher in the next generation of digital therapeutics,” Akili CEO Eddie Martucci said in a news release.

Akili plans to use its recent experience to run clinical trials of TALi’s technology for pediatric ADHD, with the goal of getting FDA clearance for this indication. It will head up commercialization efforts per its agreement with TALi.

The $37.5 million price tag includes milestone payments and royalties on potential revenues.

Photo credit: maxsattana, Getty Images