CareMax to add 50 new senior care centers through Anthem collaboration

CareMax, a senior care provider, has signed a collaboration agreement with Anthem through which it plans to build around 50 new medical centers.

The Miami, Florida-based provider offers care and chronic disease management services to seniors through its network of medical centers. It provides both healthcare and social services, such as transportation and meals. The centers are supported by a proprietary software and services platform that provides data, analytics and decision tools and workflows for physicians.

The technology wraps around EHRs to help physicians practice “value-based care by providing clinical decision support at [the] point of care,” said Ben Quirk, chief strategy officer at CareMax, in an email.

As of June 30, CareMax operated 34 medical centers, caring for approximately 61,500 total members and 21,500 Medicare Advantage members.

Starting in 2022, CareMax will open new medical centers in areas where Indianapolis-based Anthem will offer a value-based care model, including Indiana, Texas, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Georgia, Connecticut and Virginia. The goal of the collaboration is to improve outcomes and care quality for Anthem patients, Quirk said.

The companies will also collaborate on financing and marketing, though they are not disclosing the terms of those agreements.

CareMax has a long-standing relationship with HealthSun, an Anthem subsidiary, Quirk said. For the past decade, the two companies have collaborated in South Florida to improve patient outcomes.

As Anthem expands value-based care models nationally, it is enlisting CareMax as one of its partners to help replicate the existing partnership in new markets, Quirk said.

Last month, Empire BlueCrossBlueShield, an Anthem company, in partnership with nonprofit insurer EmblemHealth, was awarded the City of New York group Medicare Advantage retiree contract to serve up to 250,000 retired workers beginning Jan. 1, 2022. Anthem will be working with CareMax and other providers to move these retirees into value-based arrangements.

“This new collaboration with CareMax will allow us to transition patients to a value-based care model, which we believe will create better outcomes for our patients by allowing them to spend more time with medical teams and receive the additional support services that CareMax offers,” said Christopher Day, president of value-based solutions at Anthem, in a news release.

The collaboration comes just a few months after Anthem completed its acquisition of myNEXUS, a company that manages home-based care for payers.

Photo: Dmitrii_Guzhanin, Getty Images