Healthcare organizations still rely on paper medical documents. Here’s why.

Healthcare in-house counsel are responsible for doing due diligence when it comes to working with technology partners and integrating new tech, and they tend to be rather cautious. 

So it’s not surprising that a recent survey of MedCity’s readers revealed that more than a few respondents were reluctant to bid farewell to paper-based medical documents for legal reasons.  

While a survey from Foxit Software reveals that nearly half of healthcare professionals would characterize digital document adoption as a “significant” or “urgent” priority, the push to switch entirely over to digital-based patient documents is not the no-brainer that some discussions around this topic suggest it is. In fact, the survey suggests that the legal argument for maintaining paper-based medical documents is not going away.

The report shines a light on services that still rely on paper documents areas identified as priorities for healthcare organizations to convert to digital, and why some institutions have yet to adopt digital documents.

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Photo: iodrakon, Getty Images