MedCity Pivot Podcast: A startup co-founder on the urgent changes needed in women’s healthcare

The United States’ dismal reputation on women’s health and maternal care is well-known. Not only does America have the highest maternal mortality rate compared with other well-resourced countries, but American women also have higher rates of chronic disease. But there are several players in the women’s healthcare space that are working to turn things around. One of them is Tia.

Founded in 2017, the New York-based company aims to eliminate the fragmentation that is widespread in the women’s health arena. Tia offers gynecology, primary care, mental health and acupuncture services, connecting women to care through digital tools. Though it primarily relies on telehealth, the company is building a network of in-person clinics.

Tia has grabbed the attention of the healthcare industry, with investors pouring $132 million into the startup so far. It also struck a partnership with Chicago-based CommonSpirit Health, one of the country’s largest nonprofit health systems, in the spring.

The startup’s goal is to make Tia clinics as ubiquitous as Whole Foods markets in the country, said Co-founder Carolyn Witte when she joined me as guest on the MedCity Pivot podcast. Our discussion ranged from the pervasive pain points in women’s healthcare to regulatory changes that need to be made to Tia’s growth plans for this year and beyond.

Photo: Tia