A previously unreleased Frankie Knuckles track has been discovered

A previously unreleased track from late DJ Frankie Knuckles has been discovered, and will be released later this year.

The discovery of the track was revealed yesterday (August 25) to mark Frankie Knuckles Day, an annual celebration of the ‘Godfather Of House’, who died aged 59 in 2014.

The new track, ‘I Want The Love Of My Own’, was discovered on a reel-to-reel tape player at the Chicago headquarters of label DJ International. It’s believed to date back to some of Knuckles’ early studios sessions from the 1980s.

The song, which is believed to be the only remaining unreleased material from Knuckles’ career, will be released in October as part of the 35th anniversary celebrations of the DJ’s first release, 1986’s ‘You Can’t Hide’.

Frankie Knuckles. Credit: Getty Images.

First, a Greatest Hits album was released in 2015. Work on the two-disc compilation began in February 2014, with Knuckles himself taking the lead on choosing what tracks he wanted included. The work was halted following Knuckles’ death in May 2014.

All proceeds from ‘House Masters: Frankie Knuckles’ went to the Frankie Knuckles Fund, which is overseen by the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Sir Elton John launched the charity following Knuckles’ death aged 59 following complications with diabetes.

Most recently, a posthumous single called ‘Carefree (I Am A Star)’ was released in 2020, while earlier this year some of his unreleased remixes were pressed to vinyl, while thousands of records from Knuckles’ personal collection were displayed at a New York art gallery.