Analog Players Society and Masta Ace Connect for “Home in America” [Premiere]

Torry Threadcraft

Torry Threadcraft is a contributing writer at Okayplayer where he…

Photo Credit: Ollie Millington/WireImage

Masta Ace and the Analog Players Society get some frustrations off their chest.

On Thursday, the Analog Players Society released “Home in America,” a socially-charged single featuring a guest appearance from Masta Ace. The song will appear on an APS project to be released at a later date. The track arrives on digital streaming platforms on Friday. Okayplayer is premiering the new track today.

“This was a great opportunity for me to get off my chest some of the feelings that had been swirling around in my head the past year,” Ace said of the track. “The original song I wrote to this piece of music was a relationship joint. I’m glad Ben challenged me to go back and write about something deeper and more socially relevant to the times we’re currently living in.”

The track features Donny McCaslin on saxophone, while bandleader Amon Drum and Benny Cha Cha handled production and recording duties in one brief session.

“Home in America” was meant to be,” Benny said. “The band laid down some incredible music in just a three hour session, and gave us an vast palate of sound to work with. That the music we made inspired Masta Ace to write his brilliant lyrics on THE topic of our times is nothing short of inspirational. What excites me most about “Home in America” is that I was able to combine the inimitable Masta Ace with some of my favorite voices in improvised music, like saxophonist Donny McCaslin, in a new and unexpected way. The results are so much more compelling than I’d even dared to hope.”

“All I had to do was press record,” Amon added. “The rest of the crew churned out effortless gold. Ace is a true New York, hip hop veteran. He gave us a story that is a rare, true vision of 2020 and somehow timeless. We are grateful that Masta Ace blessed us with his truth.”