AREA21 paint their own ‘Mona Lisa’ on album’s third animating extension

AREA21 paint their own ‘Mona Lisa’ on album’s third animating extensionScreen Shot 2021 02 19 At 11.21.20 PM

A monthly custom is forming for AREA21’s outer space-led path to fall. June now tags the third successive month that Martin Garrix and Maejor have inflated the tracklist for their alias’ presently untitled full-length LP, with the duo once more rerouting its spaceship’s passage through both STMPD RCRDS and Disney’s Hollywood Records to deliver “Mona Lisa.”

Garrix and Maejor’s adventurous synergy has only tightened across their LP’s opening trilogy of singles, which comprises “La La La,” “Pogo,” and now, “Mona Lisa.” Suitably branded after the unmistakable Leonardo da Vinci portrait, AREA21’s newest journey decodes the aliens’ newfound indie-electronic angle, with “Mona Lisa” nodding back to Garrix and Maejor’s partnership origin, “Spaceships,” to wipe away any doubt that they “still don’t give a f*ck.” Staying the course set by AREA21’s prior album singles, “Mona Lisa” is fitted with yet another stellar Titmouse-produced animated short that picks right up where “Pogo” left off on AREA21’s space roams, where anything goes.

Watch AREA21’s visual for “Mona Lisa” below.

Featured image: Bryant Eslava

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