ASMR on Twitch has seen a growth of over 100% in the last 12 months

According to the growth of people watching ASMR on Twitch has been huge from 2020 to 2021.’s data also claims that between May and June this year, hours of ASMR watched per day has increased by 38%, from 212,000 to 292,000. This comes alongside the bar chart below, which shows that ASMR viewership has more than doubled month-to-month in the last year.

Twitch ASMR stats
Twitch ASMR stats. Credit:

Doron Nir, the co-founder of StreamElements, analytics partner to, said: “The ASMR category was introduced on Twitch in 2018 and has continued to grow consistently month-over-month with a recent peak in May of 6.6M hours watched.”

“Although ASMR has recently made headlines while being compared to the hot tub trend, the numbers show it has had momentum for a long stretch. Also, because it was already an established category, it should be easy to enable advertisers to opt-out of it.”

According to the data, Amouranth was the most popular streamer in May of this year with close to 700,000 hours watched, followed by imviolet_ with around 300,000.

Twitch ASMR stats. Credit:
Twitch ASMR stats. Credit:

As of writing, the ASMR tag on Twitch has 2.4million followers and around 8,000 live viewers (June 24). The most viewed stream also has 381,000 views as well.

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