Astro Arcade: Ubisoft gives fans a taste of ‘Far Cry ® 6’ with accompanying soundtrack

Astro Arcade: Ubisoft gives fans a taste of ‘Far Cry ® 6’ with accompanying soundtrackPT 4in1 CROP KEYART 082321 BLEED UNBRANDED 1500

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Fans of first-person shooter games have been anticipating Ubisoft’s sixth installment and newest game release, Far Cry ® 6. Ahead of its arrival on October 7, the game developer has put out a 21-track album that serves as the game’s official soundtrack. Award-winning composer Pedro Bromfman is behind the LP, which gives listeners a taste of the cinematic impact that the score will have within the game.

Pedro Bromfman discussed the soundtrack in an official release, sharing,

“The album is based on a very modern score, drenched in lush soundscapes, driving percussion, processed organic instruments and a ton of synthesizers. We tried to capture the soul of Yara, and its characters, by rooting the score on traditional Latin American and Caribbean music, while being completely free to experiment with contemporary sounds, elements and techniques, in hopes of creating something very fresh and unique. The score for Far Cry ® 6 overflows with distinctive, haunting melodies and character themes, accompanying and further immersing the players in their amazing journey through Yara. A journey full of beauty, violence, adrenaline and passion.”

Before his work with Ubisoft, the Brazilian producer was most well known for scoring RoboCop and three seasons of Netflix’s Narcos, among other works. The game itself stars Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito, and the sixth installment is promised to be full of the action and adventure for which the gaming franchise is known. The Far Cry ® 6 original game soundtrack is out now via Ubisoft Music.

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