‘Battlefield 2042’ leaker claims Tornados are too disruptive

Upcoming shooter Battlefield 2042 is still a few months from release, but one feature may need re-balancing before it launches – how often it throws players into the literal eye of the storm via the new tornados feature.

That’s according to noted leaker Tom Henderson, who tweeted that early testers found the extreme weather feature “fun and cool to see for the first few times, but they become very repetitive and ruin the classic [Battlefield] experience and flow of the map”

Henderson goes on to say that the feedback “comes from multiple people and dates back a few months ago until the latest tests going on (now)”.

He also theorises that the incidence of the tornadoes in-game has been increased for the current testing period, and may be “adjusted accordingly before release”.

While this is all rumour, Henderson does have form, having previously teased information related to the next Battlefield game. He often does so in unusual fashion though, including posting sketches that hint at reveals.

battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA DICE

More officially, in a livestream on June 17, Daniel Berlin – game designer at Battlefield 2042 developer EA Dice – revealed how the extreme weather would work in the futuristic shooter. Berlin detailed how returning weather features such as sandstorms will effect play, operating as a massive wall of sand that sweeps across maps, and how tornadoes will roam around at will.

The twisters will also affect the physics of a map, swirling everything from vehicles to players up in its vortex and making outdoor areas effectively inaccessible until they pass over. Given the more tactical nature of Battlefield’s shootouts, that could add an element of chaos and unpredictability to matches.

However, EA has also announced that the game’s wingsuits can be used when a tornado is active, with EA Dice manager Oskar Gabrielson saying on July 8 that players will be able to use the “real-time tornadoes […] and combine it with a wingsuit, so you can kind of propel yourself to the other side of the map”.

Battlefield 2042 is set for release on October 22, coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.