Berlin considers introducing ‘vaccinated-only’ public venues

Berlin considers introducing ‘vaccinated-only’ public venuesBerghain Nightclub Berlin 2012 Billboard 1548 Compressed

With COVID-19 still making its way around the globe and hanging over the music industry’s head, Berlin officials are beginning to consider introducing “vaccinated-only” public venues. Ramona Pop, the senator of Economic Affairs, said of the new consideration,

“The trend is heading in this direction, we’re already seeing lawsuits and should rather make regulations ourselves than let ourselves drift.”

If the new policy becomes approved, bars, restaurants, music venues, and other public places may begin to require proof of vaccination for entry. Those who have either received their full vaccinations or gained natural immunity will be allowed entry. While clubs have already been requiring proof of vaccination, the new “2G” restrictions could potentially lead to curfews being dropped, with those who are vaccinated able to return to regular life.

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