Best Songs of The Week: ft. Westside Gunn, Busdriver, and More


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Westside Gunn in the video for Mach-Hommy's "Folie Á Deux"Westside Gunn in the video for Mach-Hommy's "Folie Á Deux"

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The Round-Up is Okayplayer’s weekly playlist of the best songs in the worlds of hip-hop and R&B. This week’s set features new music from Westside Gunn, Busdriver, Kiefer, Roc Marciano, and more.

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Westside Gunn featuring Jadakiss and Stove God Cooks – “RIGHT NOW”

Jadakiss and Stove God Cooks, squarely planted in their respective resurgences, join forces with Westside Gunn on an entrancing selection from the latest installment of the Griselda rapper’s tragically-titled mixtape series, Hitler Wears Hermes.

Flee Lord and Roc Marciano – “Slow Down”

A jagged and gritty stunner from Flee Lord‘s new album, which is entirely produced by Roc Marciano. Delgado is out today via LordMobb and Pimpire INTL.

K, Le Maestro featuring Nápoles – “BACKSEAT”

K, Le Maestro keeps the heat streak alive with a glistening G-funk-indebted late-summer anthem.

Jayla Darden – “Exhausted My Options”

Soulection stars, Sango and Esta, join forces on a sleek and very two-steppable backdrop for Detroit singer and producer, Jayla Darden.

Curren$y – “Everything We Wanted”

A hazy highlight from the new Curren$y project, Highest in Charge, out today under the rapper’s Jetlife Recordings banner.

Busdriver – “plagued_by_arte”

Busdriver unsheiths his daggers on one of two new cuts from the lauded LA rapper.

Kiefer – “i love my friends”

Kiefer caps his stellar new album with a slinky dedication to the collective that could have easily been pulled from the Voodoo sessions. When There’s Love Around is out today via Stones Throw Records.