Brother Ali Releases New Project, ‘Brother Minutester’ Vol. 1

It’s been two years since we’ve heard from Brother Ali, but the big bad brotha from the Twin Cities is officially back in action with the release of a new project, Brother Minutester, Vol. 1.

A “raw and rare collection of self-produced, one-minute songs recorded in tour buses, hotel rooms and backstages around the world,” Ali offers a glimpse into his mind with just under a dozen introspective verses – that must have been recorded before 2020, with the whole pandemic putting a halt on artists touring.

If I had to guess – and this could be totally off base – I believe a good portion of the songs are actually from 2016-2017. On the song “Minutes,” Ali raps “as of this date, I’ve dropped five albums, three EPs and three mixtapes, without a single mistake.” Looking at his catalog, this would be ahead of 2017’s All the Beauty in This Whole Life – with the May 5th release date referenced on songs, “Live From Trumpistan” and “S33n.”

Whenever it was recorded, the project is a quick and refreshing listen. So, press play below and be sure to add Brother Minutester, Vol. 1 wherever you get music. Also, if you’re looking for more Brother Ali music, go revisit his Secrets & Escapes with Evidence that they released in 2019.

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