Dave Chappelle Has Had It With Morgan Freeman’s Monologues In New ‘The Closer’ Teaser

Elijah C. Watson

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Dave Chappelle Has Had It With Morgan Freeman's Monologues In New 'The Closer' TeaserDave Chappelle Has Had It With Morgan Freeman's Monologues In New 'The Closer' Teaser

Screengrab via YouTube/Netflix

Dave Chappelle will be dropping The Closer on Netflix on October 5.

Before he drops his next Netflix comedy special The Closer, Dave Chappelle has released a teaser trailer ahead of its release.

The clip finds Morgan Freeman — who has narrated previous openings on Chappelle’s Netflix comedy specials — offering another monologue about the comedian in his distinct delivery.

“This is Dave. He tells jokes for a living. Driving these country roads is a lot like a meditation,” Freeman says as Chappelle drives down a long road, the comedian looking lost in thought as the camera focuses on him. As Freeman notes that The Closer will cap off the run of comedy specials Chappelle has done for Netflix, the comedian begins to look frustrated, with Freeman saying, “He looks as if he’s about to say something. What could he possibly have left to say?”

“Will you shut the f**k up Morgan Freeman?” Chappelle hilariously says in response, the camera then panning out to show Freeman is in the passenger seat with Chappelle. Freeman obliges at least until the end of the clip, ending his monologue with, “Carry on, Dave.”

The Closer drops on October 5. In the description of the teaser, Netflix also offers a hint of what’s to come int he comedy special, stating: “As he closes out his slate of comedy specials, Dave takes the stage to try and set the record straight — and get a few things off his chest.”

In related news, Chappelle will be opening his own comedy club in Yellow Springs, Ohio.