Dutch nightclubs to remain closed until November, ADE in jeopardy

Dutch nightclubs to remain closed until November, ADE in jeopardyClub Cr Ollie Millington

Following an increase in COVID-19 cases, the Netherlands will return to lockdown, with nightclubs being entirely shuttered until October 31. The new guidelines come after Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge held a press conference in mid-August, where they revealed a plan to slowly remove social distancing guidelines from various institutions, beginning with higher education.

The new restrictions will prevent Amsterdam Dance Event, the country’s largest electronic festival, from occurring this year. Originally scheduled to take place from October 13 through 17, the festival remains just shy of the new reopening deadline.

Sharing on Facebook fear for the future, Amsterdam Dance Event announced that the festival industry and music lovers will take to the streets of Amsterdam in order to protest the new COVID-19 guidelines.

While many countries had began to reopen over the summer, including the Netherlands relaxing their restrictions in early-July, the infectious spread of the delta variant has increased COVID-19 cases, with many countries and states returning to lockdown.

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Featured image: Ollie Millington

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