‘eFootball 2022’ graphics are getting slammed by fans

eFootball 2022, the free-to-play rebrand of PES from Konami, officially launched today, and it’s already being slammed for its awful graphics.

The game, which was thought to be a FIFA 22 competitor, was released earlier today to a waiting crowd of online football fans. But its already being called out for its shoddy graphics.

“My nephew could design better graphics than what we’ve seen today,” said FIFA Analyst.

One of the biggest let downs in eFootball 2022 so far is the quality of its player’s models. Plenty of pictures have surfaced on social media already, depicting wonky smiles and gurning faces.

eFootball 2022
eFootball 2022. Credit: Konami.

At the time of writing, Steam reviews for eFootball 2022 are “overwhelmingly negative” with only 8% of its 5,921 reviews being positive. But the graphics issues aren’t exclusive to the PC version – it seems the wonky eyes and rubber-necked keepers are plaguing players across all platforms.

Back when Konami originally announced eFootball 2022, the developer revealed that it’s based on an entirely new game engine – said to revamp the animation system, among others.

“It all began with the implacable determination to create a revolutionary football experience,” they said. “Our ambition was to recreate the perfect football environment, from the grass on the pitch, to the players’ movement, all the way to the crowds in the stadium.”

“To this end, we decided to create a new football engine, with revamped animation system and game controls,” they added. “The final result was even more impressive than we had originally conceived.” However, at the moment I’m not sure many players would agree.

Konami has been suspiciously quiet about these horrendous graphical issues since the game launched earlier today. The messaging overall has been pretty bad, as the developer announced nine teams would be part of the launch lineup, yet Eurogamer reports when you go online there are plenty of teams, albeit those with fake names for the player lineups.

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