‘Escape From Tarkov’ patch lets players see how Fence views their actions

Battlestate Games has shared patch notes for the latest Escape From Tarkov update, which introduces some general technical improvements and makes Fence’s reputation changes clearer to players after raids.

Patch for Escape From Tarkov has made it to live servers today (August 20) and while the update is slim, it will now let players see how much Fence reputation they have gained or lost every raid.

As visible below, the post-raid screen will now tell players how their actions have affected their reputation with the mysterious vendor.

Escape From Tarkov Fence Reputation
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games

The Scav karma system implemented back in July gives (or takes) Fence reputation from players based on how they act during Scav runs. Players will earn Fence reputation by either killing PMCs, or using unique cooperative extracts with them. Furthermore, a recent patch also made it so players can increase their Fence standing by successfully extracting from Scav runs on their own.

On the other hand, players can lose reputation with Fence for killing other Scavs, whether they be player-controlled or NPCs. With the new post-raid statistic implemented by Battlestate Games, it will now be much easier for player Scavs to see how their reputation was affected by a raid.

Patch also optimizes Nvidia Reflex “to reduce latency”, noting that the software allows “additional latency savings in Unity titles” such as Escape From Tarkov. There are also some general technical fixes and improvements, as well as a fix for Fence’s reputation penalty being incorrectly calculated when players with over six points of reputation killed a Scav Boss or their guards.

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