EVENTS // John Adams’ colourful masterpiece Harmonielehre


John Adams’ colourful masterpiece Harmonielehre may not be a symphony by name, but it certainly is a symphony by nature. Comprised of three impressive movements, the work is a thrilling combination of romanticism, post-minimalism and symphonic orchestration.

John Adams is a Grammy Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer: “One of the most significant and sophisticated commentaries on and embodiments of symphonic thinking of the late-20th Century.” – The Guardian

Harmonielehre launches with a powerful pounding of 39 E-minor chords. This exciting and hugely cinematic work features four percussionists performing across marimba, tubular bells, triangle, glockenspiel, xylophone, crotales, cymbals, tam tam, vibraphone, gong and chimes. “There is a breadth of colour and excitement to this brilliant piece of music.” – Robert Cossom, MSO Percussionist

Harmonielehre is rarely-performed – the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra last performed it in 2010. This performance will be led from the podium by acclaimed Dutch-Maltese conductor Lawrence Renes (pictured above), who has been a champion of John Adams’ music throughout his career.

Grab your tickets for John Adams: Harmonielehre on the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra website. Student tickets are just $20, while 18-35s can score a ticket for $35. The concert takes place in Hamer Hall at 8.30pm on July 15 and 17.

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