‘FIFA 22’ will let you turn off other player’s celebrations

FIFA 22 will add a long-requested fan feature and add the option to turn off opponent celebrations in online games.

In the new Celebration Camera Focus setting, you can switch on or off the ability to watch the opponent celebrate and instead focus on your own team’s reaction.

According to FUT lead producer Mike Barnucz in a Pitch Notes blog post: “Conceding a goal is always heartbreaking, especially in a closely fought match. While celebrations are an important part of real-world football, we know watching them can be a frustrating experience for some players.”

FIFA 22. Credit: EA

“That’s why we’ve introduced new Celebration Camera Focus settings that allow you to focus on either your team’s reaction or your opponent’s celebration when conceding a goal. By default, it will be set to “Opponent Celebrations.” Changing this setting will affect every mode in FIFA 22, not just FUT,” Barnucz adds.

In-game celebrations have been a contentious issue for FIFA players for a long time, with some finding them to be toxic during gameplay. EA removed the ‘shhh’ celebration from FIFA 21 last year and this celebration was particularly infamous as it allowed for a running celebration to prolong how long players would need to wait before the game starts up again (thanks, Eurogamer).

The blog post mentions plenty of other additions and changes too, like new crowd customisation options including flags and banners. FUT Heroes will also be coming to the game, which will “celebrate some of the most beloved players in the contemporary era of football and focuses on a specific moment in their career where they cemented their legacy in their league.”

In other news, FIFA 22 will see updates to the manager and player career modes, which will notably include the ability to create your own unique club.