Get Ready For A Sonic Masterpiece With End Of The World’s New Album Chameleon (Deluxe)

After its debut in Japan, End of the World has become a name not to mess with. The band can go from J-pop, Experimental, indie pop, rock, Jazzis, and more. End of the World is completely reinvented as SEKAI NO OWARI’s new project.

The members Fukase, Nakajin, Saori, and DJ LOVE have distinct characters in the band but are correspondingly captivating. The group is a testament to a journey between four childhood friends who have come a long way since frontman Fukase’s breakdown. 

Following a prolonged battle with mental illness, Fukase restored his faith in wellness by reconnecting with Nakajin (guitar), Saori (piano), and DJ LOVE; as friends, and thus they began their musical path together.

Their new album transports the listener on a beautifully empowering soundscape adventure. End of The World amply streams their voice, tunes, and style into a Takashi Murakami-Designed album titled Chameleon—the deluxe version.


Buy official artist merch and vinyl

Buy official artist merch and vinyl