Honey Dijon pays tribute to George Floyd with Juneteenth-inspired ‘Unleash’

Honey Dijon pays tribute to George Floyd with Juneteenth-inspired ‘Unleash’Honey Dijon Rbma Peterliu

Following the release of her latest cut, “Downtown,” expected to land on her forthcoming sophomore album, Black Girl Magic, Honey Dijon marches forward in her continued musical activism with another brand new release. As a part of Apple Music’s Juneteenth: Freedom Songs playlist, Honey Dijon gifts fans with “Unleash“—a song inspired by the tragic loss of George Floyd.

Featuring the impassioned vocal styling of Cor.Ece, the track incorporates Dijon’s innate penchant for letting a track build and then flourish. The venerated house producer speaks on the track stating, “It’s a metaphor that there is still so much work to be done around the world to ensure that all black- and brown-skin people are free, and not just in the US,.” She continues,

“Slavery may have been abolished in one form, but we are still living in a country where the police have replaced plantation owners and our lives are still not valued in a place that was built on the bodies and souls of Black people.”

All month long Apple Music will celebrate the immense influence Black culture continues to have in the world, specifically in music, with “Black Music Month 2021,” a collection of playlists, DJ mixes, original content, and more. Listen to Honey Dijon’s powerful Juneteenth anthem, “Unleash” below.

Featured image: Ciaràn McCusker

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