It’s Pretty Clear That Big Daddy Kane Vs. KRS-One is the Next ‘Verzuz’ Matchup

Dimas Sanfiorenzo

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Krs-One Big Daddy Kane verzuz posterKrs-One Big Daddy Kane verzuz poster

Photo Credit: Verzuz

It hasn’t officially been announced yet, but it looks like Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One will face off in the next Verzuz matchup

The next Verzuz will be going down on Sunday October 17th in Brooklyn, New York, at the Barclays Center. The question remains — who will be facing off?

Strong indication seems to be that the matchup will be Big Daddy Kane vs. KRS-One. On Friday, October 1st, Verzuz sent out the poster for the battle, asking fans to guess who the matchup will be — despite the fact that the poster makes it pretty obvious that it will be the two legendary rappers.

Thousands of fans guessed correctly— including Snoop Dogg and DJ Premier. (Or maybe they saw the Seat Geek landing page?) And on Twitter, rap fans have been already debating the match.


This will be the third straight Verzuz to take place in New York City. This is following the Lox’s dominating win against Dipset and the face off between Fat Joe and Ja Rule. (This will be the first Verzuz to take place at the Barclays Center.) 

For years Big Daddy Kane has talked about how KRS-One was the rap battle he always wanted. (Even more so than Rakim.) In 2019 Kane told Okayplayer:

“His battle skills are incredible. I’ve watched stuff that he’s done with other people he battled. Direction-wise, I really respect his battle skills. If you want to go at it with someone, you want to go at it with the best. He’s one of the best established artists who knows how to battle.”