Karen Elson responds to Ryan Adams interview: “An apology should contain accountability”

Karen Elson has called on Ryan Adams to show “accountability” for his actions after he was the subject of an in-depth profile in Los Angeles Magazine earlier this week.

Seven women, including Elson, Phoebe Bridgers and his ex-wife Mandy Moore, levelled accusations against the US singer-songwriter in 2019. Adams issued a lengthy apology for his “harmful behaviour” last summer and recently pleaded for a “second chance” in music.

Speaking about the claims coming to light and the subsequent fallout, the musician told Los Angeles Magazine in a new interview this week that he felt like his accusers “were asking me to die”.

In the article, Adams also discussed the “deeply hurtful” effects of his cancellation and responded to some of the specific allegations against him.

Responding to the article, model and singer Elson has now said it attempted to “gaslight” the testimonies of Adams’ accusers.

“Ryan denied any wrong doing and I was ultimately threatened with a ‘false prosecution lawsuit’,” wrote Elson. “I have spoke very little about my situation for this reason but was subsequently made aware others had allegedly experienced similar things online when distancing themselves from him.

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams performs live (Picture: Getty)

“I’ve never asked people to boycott his music. I am a big believer in redemption if you are able to admit wrong doing and make amends. He has yet to both. This article attempts to gaslight and rewrite the experiences of many without asking for their opinion on this beforehand.”

She concluded: “I hope Ryan comes to the realisation that an apology should contain accountability. I look forward to the day I’m able to receive that.”

Elson previously wrote and then deleted a post that hinted at a “traumatising experience” with Adams, and responded when the Daily Mail published a public apology from the singer last year.

“I believe in redemption and amends even for him. However he has not reached out to me since 2018 to apologise for his terrible behaviour … His actions going forward will dictate the sincerity of his statement and if I’m able to forgive,” she said.

Back in January Adams was cleared of sending sexual messages to an underage fan after facing an FBI investigation.

Asking for “a second chance to make some music” on Instagram last month, the musician said he was “months from losing my label, studio and my home”.

“I’m 46 and scared I’m gonna be living in my sister’s basement,” he wrote. “If you are a label and interested please let me know.”

Adams released his first album in the wake of the allegations last December with ‘Wednesdays’, the first in a trio of albums that were originally expected in 2019 before the claims emerged. He followed that up with his 18th solo album ‘Big Colors’, which arrived last month.