Kiana Ledé Joins Kitty Ca$h On “Just Fine” Single

Producer and DJ, Kitty Ca$h is one of the many talents signed to LVRN. She’s now stepping into the artist realm, with her latest single “Just Fine.”

Also guesting Kiana Ledé, the song features the artist flexing her bilingual chops.“When I first heard this song, I was so excited Kitty Ca$h asked me to be on it because it would be my first time singing in Spanish,” Ledé says. “I’m Mexican but was never taught Spanish, so I love that Kitty Ca$h gave me a chance to connect more with my culture on this song.

“I’ve always wanted to see the growth in my artistry and as a DJ I feel like there is a natural progression to wanting to create your own records,” Kitty continues. “I’ve been able to play so many records I love around the world and I wanted to experience that same feeling with my music. I loved working with Kiana, I’ve been a fan of her work and she is so talented. So I’m so thankful that she took a chance on me and was down to bring this to life. Being in the studio together and experiencing in real time the magic was surreal. “Just Fine” is about that reassuring love. The love you can’t stop giving into. The love that stops time and the world around you and makes everything just fine. I hope this song evokes an effortless vibe of freedom and moves you to feel good. Whether you’re home with the fam or out with the girls I wanted to make a record that you could make memories of and dance to!”

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